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Palmyra tourist city

Palmyra is a Syrian archaeological city, formerly called the Bride of the Desert, and today it is known as one of the most important historical and archeological cities not only at the level of the Arab world, but also at the level of the whole world, as it possesses fame and historical and cultural prestige. The name of the city was called by the name of Queen Zenobia, who was ruling her, as the city prospered during her reign.
The city of Palmyra was a station where the commercial caravans traveling between the Levant and Mesopotamia stood, because it was located on the commercial silk road, as the city was called the New Athens, and it was also called the palm oasis, which means the name Palmyra, which the Romens named it. As for the name Palmyra, it belongs to the name that the pre-Semitic people gave to the city, and it is still used today.

Site of the ruins of the tourist city of Palmyra

The ruins of the ancient city of Palmyra are found in the Syrian desert, in what is known today as the Homs Governorate in Syria, and it is located northeast of Damascus – the Syrian capital -, where the distance between the capital and the ruins of Palmyra is estimated at about 235 km. The city is characterized by the abundance of palm trees in it, as it appears as an oasis in the desert.
The city’s coordinates are between the ′ 5 ′16 ° 38 خط line east and the ′ 5 ′33 ° 34 شمال north, and historically, they occurred between two great civilizations that originated in the past, namely the Romen Empire that was in the Levant to the west, and the Parthian Empire that was in the country Tributaries to the east.

The most important monuments of the city of Palmyra

The city contains archaeological sites and ancient antiquities belonging to the civilizations that inhabited its land, as these monuments are among the most splendid urban buildings in the region, and because of their great importance, they were included in the year 1980 AD on the list of UNESCO World Heritage, as the city currently relies mainly on tourism and one of the most prominent monuments It contains the following:
  • Arc de Triomphe: The Arc de Triomphe is the most famous landmark in the tourist city of Palmyra, as it is one of the most famous architectural buildings in the world, and the position includes 3 arches, which is the road leading to the Temple of Bell, was built during the era of a Romen emperor ruling the city between the years 193-211 AD, called Emperor Septimius Severus .
  • The Temple of Bel:The temple is considered the most important religious building in the first century AD in the Middle East. As for its name, (rather) it is the name of a Semitic deity of Akkadian origin, as it was considered the god of the gods, and this temple was built for the sake of its worship.
  • Nabu Temple.
  • Agora.
  • Baal Shamin Temple.
  • Folklore Museum.
  • Graves Valley.
  • Street of columns.

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