When you wander around Kuala Lumpur, you find it full of concrete buildings and car exhaust resulting from crowded transportation, as it is the capital of the country, which makes it attract many visitors, whether for business or tourism. It appears to some people that it is devoid of any aspects of the green nature amid this busyness, but it already includes a number It is a charming garden where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air, as well as being a great place for children to play.

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Recreation in Kuala Lumpur


One of the most beautiful parks in Kuala Lumpur, located directly in the city center, and enjoying a lot of green spaces and recreational destinations. Acres, with a thousand nine hundred local trees and sixty-six species of palm trees. The trees planted in the garden were developed to attract local and migratory birds as well. It also contains a fountain specially designed for it alongside a group of sculptures, including a playground and a children’s pool for children along with another pool for adults. It also provides a running track that extends for about a kilometer and a half, also limits a lot of seating and other places to stay and rest It has what puts it among the most attractive gardens in Kuala Lumpur for visitors.KLCC Park

Taman Jaya Park

Taman Jaya Park is the first park to be established in a BG neighborhood, enjoying a huge lake and lots of green spaces with tall trees, shrubs and flowers, as it is considered one of the most prominent parks in Kuala Lumpur. It also includes a playground for young children, as well as special tables for those who want to do the outdoors.
Taman Jaya Park

Titiwangsa Park

Titiwangsa Park is another destination, one of the most beautiful gardens in Kuala Lumpur, characterized by a huge lake, which is one of its most prominent destinations, as it stretches over a huge area reaching ninety five hectares. It also provides a lot of activities and entertainment destinations for all ages and tastes, including running, hiking and cycling within its various paths. Enjoy a boat or boat tour inside the lake, in addition to playing football, badminton or regular tennis with a special playground for each sport. There is also a squash court, an equestrian track, and another track for cars that move from a distance. You find lots of seats to sit And s Efficiency favorite book, next places to rest and relax and do not forget the various food stalls in order not to feel any shortage within the park.Titiwangsa Park

KL Lake Gardens Park

That park was established in 1888, making it the first recreational park in Kuala Lumpur, enjoying many green spaces, with scenic gardens coordinated and various paths of trees and local plants. There are spaces for exercise, a playground for children, as well as boat rides within its lake. You also have an orchid garden that attracts visitors to visit only, there is also a butterfly garden and a deer. With charming views of the lake, and dedicated excursions.KL Lake Gardens Park

Lembah Kiara Park

Limba Kiara Park is located between the neighborhood of Taman Ton d. Ismail and Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club also enjoy a huge lake and a number of recreational destinations. Running paths, exercise areas, a children’s playground and areas for picnics make it a great place to spend time with friends or family. You can also watch monkeys wandering around and enter the park. Due to its close proximity to the dense Bukit Kiara forests, you can enjoy mountain climbing and cycling inside.Lembah Kiara Park

Kepong Metropolitan Park

Kipung Metropolitan Park is another destination in the most beautiful parks in Kuala Lumpur and is considered one of the most vibrant parks for a vibrant capital, and whenever you go you find its people practicing running, hunting or kite playing. It is also a great place to do picnics, extending for an area of ​​fifty-seven hectares, and also includes an artificial lake. Also includes a children’s playground, boat house, watchtower and massage destinations and health centers.Kepong Metropolitan Park

Central Park 2 Desa Parkcity

One of the destinations that should not be missed when planning to visit parks in Kuala Lumpur enjoying a charming glistening lake surrounded by a number of running paths, beside green lawns and benches to sit or take a picnic with friends and family. It also provides a children’s playground, and also allows pets, there are spaces to relax On herbs where you can read your favorite book. The garden also provides special bags for visitors where they can clean their places before departure.Central Park 2 Desa Parkcity

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens One of the best parks in Malaysia, twenty five kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur, is a vast area of ​​green land with different types of trees, plants and flowers. Among the botanical groups in it are: Kana Walk, Fern Garden, Floral Steps, African Collection, Tropical American Collection, Hibiscus Walk, Bougainvillea Tunnel and Pandanus Walk. The park also provides some kiosks for renting bicycles and boats, as well as places for picnics.Botanical Gardens

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