Know through this article about the most beautiful gardens and parks in Trabzon. Trabzon is a Turkish city as it is located in northeastern Turkey. Specifically on the coast of the Black Sea as it is located on the historical silk road. Trabzon is the trade gateway to the state of Iran and is one of the most important existing cities In the country of Turkey, whether from a commercial or a tourist point of view.

The parks in Trabzon:

Aqua Park in Trabzon:

The Water Park is one of the most beautiful and wonderful parks in Trabzon, and it is one of the entertainment places that suit children and that is why families flock to the most beautiful happiness of their children. It has water games that suit children and through which they feel enjoyment and wonderful picnic. In addition to this there are Some other games that suit different ages. There are some simple games that are suitable for children. And some games that are characterized by reference and suspense that are suitable for adults. That is why the Aqua Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Trabzon, which is suitable for a disorder. For ages, you must visit the Aqua Park Aqua Park located in Trabzon during your trip to Turkey to spend a wonderful time with your family and children.Water parkWater park

Zvanoz Park in Trabzon:

The Zavanos Park located in the city of Trabzon is considered one of the most important and beautiful parks in Trabzon. The most important characteristic of the Zavanos Park is the beautiful landscapes and magnificent green spaces with wide areas. You can accompany your children and visit the Zvanuz Park where you find that children love that park because they can play, run and have fun In the wide green spaces, you can spend a very special time and feel comfortable and relaxed by watching the distinctive and wonderful landscapes. You also see in the garden a group of very distinctive flowers of delightful colors. Ha ”, through which you can enjoy the beauty of nature. The“ Karaha ”cave is characterized by a lively and wonderful location in the center of Trabzon city. The length of the“ Karaha ”cave can reach more than 4 km.Zvanoz Park in TrabzonZvanoz Park in Trabzon

Zaganos Valley in Trabzon:

The Zaganos Valley is considered one of the most important parks in Trabzon that you must visit during your tourist trip to Trabzon. The Zaganos Valley is distinguished by the presence of the Pelican Lake which is favored by young people. You should not miss visiting the archeological Ottoman mosque, which is one of the most important tourist places in the city of Trabzon. It is also located on the side of the Zagaznus Valley, “Ata Park”, which you must accompany and visit your children in order to enjoy the charming scenery and stunning scenery. There are trees and plants through which you feel relaxed. You also find that the cave of “Trabalzouni” is located next to the Zaganos Valley and you should not miss to visit this unique cave of its kind. Many people flock to the Zaganos Valley and it is one of the tourist places visited by tourists from the outside.Zaganus Valley in TrabzonZaganus Valley in Trabzon

Ataturk Palace in Trabzon:

Ataturk Palace is one of the most tourist places that you must visit during your tourist trip to the city of Trabzon. Also, Ataturk Palace occupies a very high position in Trabzon and it is one of the most important parks in the city of Trabzon. In addition to this it has a very special place in the hearts of families and children where It includes many very distinctive parks and parks. Ataturk Palace is considered one of the most crowded tourist places where you find it very popular by families. Ataturk Palace has singing activities and entertainment activities and there are many artistic performances. There are some shows that are held In the palace at Aturk has many shows that are suitable for children and enjoy watching. While you are in Ataturk Palace, you feel like you are in a wonderful historical place and through it you feel the history of the country of Turkey in general, it is one of the most luxurious tourist places in Turkey. The Ataturk Palace was established in 1903 AD in a distinctive architectural style A very indication of the nobility of Turkish arts in architecture.Ataturk Palace in TrabzonAtaturk Palace in Trabzon

Uzungol Lake in Trabzon:

Lake Ongole is considered one of the most important parks in Trabzon and it is one of the most important tourist places in Trabzon. Uzungol Lake is characterized by a charming natural landscape that makes you feel relaxed just because of its presence. It has wide green spaces surrounding it in all respects. That is why it is one of the parks that are suitable for children playing, amusement and jogging. It is also one of the most tourist places that witness a very strong demand from tourists from different countries of the world. Residents of the city in order to make their children happy. You find that area very crowded, especially on weekends. The area of ​​Lake Uzungol reaches more than 19 km. Because of the wonderful landscapes in Uzungol Lake of clear water, trees and plants from all sides you can capture the most beautiful And the most wonderful memorial pictures. One of the most beautiful times that you can spend in Lake Uzungol is the time of sunset in the wonderful landscape. It is also distinguished from others by the presence of different types of birds that you enjoy watching amid the scenery of trees, plants and clear water.Uzungol Lake in TrabzonUzungol Lake in Trabzon

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