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Snout and eye locations

Al-Khutm and Al-Ain sites are located in Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn near the palm grove in the interior of the Sultanate of Oman, and along with the city and its adjacent sites, they form the entire group of settlements and cemeteries dating back to the third millennium BC. It is part of the modern village of Bat in the Sharsah Valley, about 24 kilometers east of the city of Ibri in the Dhahirah Governorate northwest of Oman, and this area is famous for the huge tower in the snouts and the cemetery in Al Ain, in addition to many huge towers, rural settlements, agricultural irrigation systems and submerged tombs, which Belong to Bronze Age ossified.

Cemeteries in Pat

Cemeteries and burials were built in a flat hollow stone, where they still keep piles of materials and the same old stones, and these tombs are in good condition as if they were newly built, and each tomb has one small entrance, and it is difficult to see what is inside the graves and is believed to be empty . The tombs are located in the southern part of the city of Bat and is the second site that has been included in the World Heritage List. These tombs were built like beehives dating back to the third millennium BC, and the architecture of them is characterized by those found in Jebel Hafeet, and another cemetery has been discovered that contains On a hundred tombs built of stone.

Bronze constellations

These huge stone constellations are large circular monuments made of clay or stone, and it is possible that these constellations are defensive, agricultural, political, or ritual buildings, dating back to the third millennium BC, and although a few studies have been done for these Archeology, however, a study was conducted between the years 2007-2012 by the Museum of Archeology and Genealogy at the University of Pennsylvania, and the focus was on huge stone constellations and the reasons for their construction, where the results provide a new vision for the formation and function of these structures that contributed to shaping the social and political relationship of the Kingdom Magan.


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