Pattaya Island, Thailand

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Pattaya Island

It is one of the islands found in Thailand, on the Thai Gulf close to the east coast to the southeast of Bangkok, 156 km away, it is called the coral island, and it is considered one of the tropical green islands that are characterized by its beauty, and many residents reside by about a thousand citizens, most of whom live in Naban Island, and there are many government installations, medical centers, and large buildings on the island. There are six beaches on Pattaya Island, with clear blue waters, soft white sand, and rainy green mountains all year round, which contain many types of plants, trees, and wild animals.

Geography and Climate

Surrounded by the island of Pattaya in the province of Bang Lamung, and subject to the autonomy to which many areas are subject, and the great Pattaya is one of the provinces of Chonburi, the island is characterized by its humid and dried climate, so the weather will be warm and dry in November and February, hot and humid in May and March, and rain in October.

Tourist areas

  • Mini Siam Park: This park is located on the Scomovet Street, opposite Bangkok Hospital, and it is characterized by the presence of many solids and monuments, buildings and ancient statues, so the garden is divided into two parts: an international section and it contains the wonders of the Eiffel Tower and Abu Simbel Temple and the Statue of Liberty, and a Thai section in which the Thai buildings and places are presented and how they are designed.
  • Submarine: It is a huge large submarine located on the beach of Pattaya to dive under the water, taking tourists on a trip to explore the sea floor, and seeing many types of fish and coral reefs.
  • Crocodile farm: It is one of the largest farms in Asia, with many crocodile shows being held daily, and tourists can wander around the park through carriages, cabriolets and trains, or ride on elephants to take memorial photos near the crocodiles.
  • Underwater World Building: It is a very huge building that was opened in 2003 AD, and it includes many very giant aquariums, and glass tunnels that have thousands of water creatures, this building is located on El Skomoft Street towards Jomtien Beach, and the building opens its doors from nine in the morning until six in the evening.
  • Rock Garden: This park is located in the eastern part of Pattaya, ten kilometers from the center of the city, there is a section of giant and colorful rock and carved, and the zoo section that contains many animals such as lions, camels, and many types of birds.


Several types of activities can be practiced on Pattaya Island, such as car racing, diving, horse riding and elephant riding, and do many sports exercises in private fitness centers, and experience private jet riding.


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