Petra monuments

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The Treasury is the most famous landmark in the ancient city of Petra, and it is a huge archeological building carved into the rock that was used as a mausoleum for the dynasty of a wealthy Nabatean family. Stunning architecture; carved statues appear in the rocks, tall monumental columns, and stucco panels indicating many ancient civilizations.

Petra Theater

The theater represents one of the most important monuments in Petra, where its history dates back to about 2000 years ago, at the hands of the city’s indigenous people (the Nabataeans), then it underwent expansion and modification during the period of the Roman Empire’s rule, and it should be noted that The theater is designed in the form of three horizontal sections separated by two corridors, and the seats are graduated in 45 rows. In addition, the theater includes many caves, Nabatean cemeteries, and Roman.


The Monastery building represents one of the most important monuments in the city, since the construction of this Nabatean cemetery dates back to the third century BC, and was used as a church during the era of the Byzantine Empire, and the monastery is famous for its architectural design similar to the building of the Treasury.

The great temple

The Great Temple is one of the largest monuments in Petra, with a length of approximately 35 meters and a width of 42.5 meters. Archaeological studies conducted by Brown University indicated that the history of the temple dates back to the last quarter of the first century BCE, and although it was subsequently subjected to expansion work, the earthquake that struck the region during the sixth century AD led to the collapse of the temple and the deformation of most of its features.

The Byzantine Church

The Byzantine Church represents one of the most prominent religious monuments in Petra, where its history dates back to the sixth century AD, while its discovery was in 1973 AD, and the remaining monuments show many wonderful mosaic paintings that indicate the seasons of the year, In addition to stone statues and four stone pillars, important ancient manuscripts were also found in one of the rooms adjacent to the church.


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