Philippine island of Palawan

المسافرون العرب

Philippine island of Palawan

Officially known as Palawan Province, Puerto Princesa is the capital of it, and it is one of the famous tourist places in the Philippines, as it is visited by hundreds of tourists annually in order to see the natural environment in it, which contains many water bodies, and green trees, so the United Nations classified it as one of the most beautiful Regions in the world.

History of Palawan Island

It is believed that the history of Palawan Island dates back more than 5000 years, and the merchants who depended on the sea for the transportation of their goods lived there, and many Chinese immigrants came to them who settled on its land, established a small community there, and strengthened commercial relations between them and Malaysia.

In the twelfth century AD, tribes called Malay ruled the island of Palawan, after they were able to expel many of the Chinese who settled in it, and the Malay controlled all agricultural resources in the island from rice, sugar cane, coconuts, bananas, and then the Indonesians ruled the island, after They took it from Malay and spread the Hindu and Buddhist religions among the inhabitants of the island of Palawan.

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In the early seventeenth century AD, the Spanish authorities took control of the island, and it officially became part of the Spanish rule. Spain spread the Christian religion among the islanders by building many churches on the island, and in the early twentieth century AD after the Philippine American war, the American forces took control of the island, and established By establishing a rule there, they declared that Puerto Princesa is its capital.

During World War II, Japanese forces invaded Palawan Island, killing many indigenous people, Filipino and American soldiers, and this led to widespread terror and fear on the island, so many of its residents fled to other Philippine provinces, and in 1945 CE, the joint Philippine and American forces recovered an island Palawan from Japan.

Geography of Palawan Island

Palawan Island consists of a group of small islands linked together, and contains many rocky clusters of different geographical forms, as it is characterized by its coastal beaches that extend along the geographical area of ​​the island, which reaches approximately 14,649,70 km², and contains many peaks, heights Mountain, and green plains.

Palawan Island is distinguished by its distinct climate and mixed with dry and humid climate, and the drought may extend for six months, and then it is followed by air humidity that extends for another six months, as it is characterized by large amounts of monsoon rains in different months of the year, especially in July and August / August.

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Public life on Palawan Island

Most of the island’s population are indigenous Filipinos, with immigrant groups from China, Japan, India, and Indonesia, and the island’s population reaches more than 800,000 people, and most of the population works in public jobs, as they work in the areas of agriculture and fishing as important sources of labor And enter the island of Palawan to a large segment of its population.

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