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Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, which is a republic that follows a specific constitution, and this is known as constitutionalism, and it is located specifically in the southeastern side of the continent of Asia, bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the western side, Taiwan on the northern side, and the Philippine Sea on the eastern side, and it consists of three main provinces which are Luzon and Mindanao in addition to For Pesaya, Manila is the capital with the largest population density in comparison to the rest. It also consists of a large group of islands, we will talk about the most prominent of them below.

The most important islands of the Philippines


Palawan is ranked seventh in the world in terms of the most beautiful tourist areas, according to a classification conducted by the United Nations because it has a group of stunning landscapes, including the Puerto Princesa River and its underground waters, in addition to a group of beautiful coasts, which enable tourists to practice diving, reaching the depths and enjoy the sights. Great Navy.


Pesaya occupies about a third of the Philippine islands in conjunction with Lawson and Central Mananao, and includes a group of places and landmarks, most notably the Laduc and Palensacayu rivers, in addition to the Sagi marine reserve, and because it cares about tourism a lot; established a group of ancient hotels and resorts, which receive large numbers of tourists and visitors throughout the year And it has a white beach with clear water and bright sand, as well as temples and churches that hold a group of celebrations and festivals annually.


It is called the Dream Island and is visited by thousands of tourists annually despite its small area, but there are picturesque beaches with white sand and clean water, which encourages to go to it is the low cost of residence in it, and is very interested in tourism celebrations that take place annually on its beaches, and its visitors can practice carving on Sands of its beaches and castles design.


It is located near Cebu, and it is linked to the famous Mactan Mindo and Martilo Fernan Bridge, as well as the second largest Philippine airport. The island was under Muslim rule in the sixteenth century AD, and depends mainly on tourism in its economic resources, in addition to industry, in which furniture and tools are produced. Musical.


Luzon is crowded with large numbers of people, and it includes a group of rivers, and depends on a variety of economic activities such as agriculture and industry, in which rice and coconuts are grown in addition to a variety of grains, including minerals such as gold and copper in addition to iron, and due to the spread of forests there are also made of wood.


Mindanao occupies the second place in terms of area in the Philippines compared to other islands, with an area of ​​about one hundred and forty square kilometers, and most of its inhabitants embrace the Islamic religion, and includes a nature reserve for a large group of birds, and its inhabitants practice agriculture, and the most famous crops are coffee and cacao, in addition to coffee.

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