Philippine tourist islands

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Philippine tourist islands

The Philippines has more than 7,000 varied islands spread across an area of ​​300,000 km, and it is recommended to visit them at any time of the year except for the hot summer months, and is characterized by cheap prices that suit all segments of society, and we will mention in the following article the most important islands in the Philippines.

Palawan Island

One of the tourist islands of the Philippines is the island of Palawan, which is one of the most attractive island for visitors in the Philippines, as it possesses a great diversity that mixes plants, forests and charming white landscapes with a magnificent landscape. Based on ancient Philippine archaeological finds, Palawan Island was named the Best Island in the World at the Condé Nast Traveler Awards in the year 2014 AD.

Boracay Island

Boracay Island is considered one of the best tourist places in the Philippines, despite its smallness, but it ranked second as the best island in the Philippines, as it has many picturesque beaches that provide diving opportunities, as well as opportunities to see coral reefs and caves through underwater tunnels, and lovers can also Adventures Dive into the cliff at heights of about 42.5 feet.

Siargao Island

Siargao Island is one of the wonderful tourist islands that contain a large diversity of coral reefs, stunning landscapes and a great diversity of plants and lands where palm and coconut trees are spread and the diverse wildlife, which offers its visitors various tourism activities, including surfing, especially in the Luna and Pilar regions, It also provides many services that facilitate this, such as renting surf boards and renting motorcycles and small boats that all prices are suitable for all segments.


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