A guide to the most beautiful amusement places in Tunisian baths is recommended to visit, the city of Hammamet in Tunisia is considered one of the best tourist cities in those charming countries, as it has many places and activities that can be practiced in the city of Hammamet, which is located about 65 km from Tunis, this city With its picturesque beach, where the activities provided by the city’s beach are abundant, as well as the presence of many high-end hotels and luxurious resorts, the city of Hammamet in Tunisia is considered to be the Tunisian Saint Tropez, as it is located on the fertile island of Cape Verde, it is a resort overlooking the Gulf, surrounded by groves Trees and green hills.

The most beautiful places of amusement in Tunis baths:

  • Carthage Land:

Carthage Land is located inside the Jasmine Resort in Tunis Hammamet, and it is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Tunisia, as it includes many recreational games and a number of water games. A miniature, a five-dimensional cinema department, and a city of water amusement games, besides it includes several facilities that provide all the services that visitors need, such as cafes and restaurants that are interested in serving international and local dishes.

  • Aquapark Flipper Park:

This park is located on the coasts of Tunisian baths, and it is the largest water park in Tunisia and one of the most visited tourist destinations in Tunisia, opened in 2002, and is considered one of the most important seasonal summer activities. The park area is 2 hectares, and this park provides visitors with all the ways to relax and have fun, where it is possible Enjoy unique games and water sports, there are water slides of various lengths and shapes, and there are waterfalls, an artificial river and a number of cafes and restaurants suitable for all tastes.
  • old City :

The old city is considered one of the most famous places in the Tunisian city of Hammamet, and one of the most historical destinations in terms of visiting, this city is surrounded by many walls dating back to the 15th century, and the old city of Hammam is characterized by its narrow and winding alleys that embrace a great wealth of traditional Tunisian architectural heritage, where This city has received a lot of attention from the administration of the city of Hammamet, where many of the old city’s attractions have been restored and developed, and many umbrellas have been added to most of the roads in the city so that visitors can explore the area characterized by its pleasant weather in order to protect it. From harsh solar radiation during the summer, embracing the old city a number of markets that specializes in the sale of handicraft products such as leather pieces and embroidered fabrics, carpets and local ceramics decorated.

  • Hammamet Beach:

Hammamet beach extends throughout the region located in the south and southeast of the city, and it is considered one of the most beautiful and most visited beaches on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, as it is considered the first haven for the people of the city, especially during the spring and summer seasons, it embraces a number of white sandy coasts and is characterized by water Hammamet Beach, with its purity and serenity, is a turquoise color, and this beach is considered one of the famous beaches locally and globally, as it includes many hotels and tourist resorts and includes many recreational cities, gardens and water games cities, in addition to other services for the pleasure of guests and Visitors, featuring the beach for several green spaces and a number of mountains and rocks.

  • Casbah:

It is an ancient antique castle dating back to the 13th century AD, as it is located near the coast of the city, this castle is distinguished for its stunning views of the Mediterranean coast and the area surrounding it, which includes some old houses and natural meadows, and the Kasbah of Hammamet contains a museum that includes many From the historical exhibits, the medieval Kasbah of Baths was used by the European occuAl Bahahn, and this period included many soldiers’ corps, and the castle is surrounded by a number of forts and a number of antique houses owned by the colonial rich.

  • Romen site of archeology:

People who love history should visit the Romen Popat site, which is a settlement dating back to the first century BC, where one can enjoy seeing many wonderful artifacts that impress.

  • Yasmin Hammamet:

This region is considered one of the areas that witnesses less demand from tourists compared to other areas in the city of Hammamet, but it is worth a visit as it is possible to enjoy modern life, as there are shops and the most luxurious hotels and restaurants.

  • Sebastian Villa:

The international cultural center of the city of Hammamet, as it sits on more than 42 acres, has many cultural events and activities for visitors, where they can get a taste of life as well as the splendor of the villa design.

  • Zizou Colors Club:

This place is very suitable for young people who love sports adventures, where there can be a game of colors, which is undoubtedly enjoyable.

Best Hammamet hotels:

  • Labadera Hotel:

This five-star hotel is located 3.4 km from the city and 10.6 km from Yasmine Hammamet.

  • The Russelior Hotel and Spa:

This five-star hotel is one hundred meters from the marina, and is also 7 km from Jasmine Golf Course.

  • Golden Tulip Taj Sultan Hotel:

This hotel is located in Yasmine Hammamet beach, and is only a quarter of an hour from the city center.

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