Places of entertainment in Istanbul

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Aya Sofia

Hagia Sophia is one of the famous and distinctive examples that indicate Byzantine architecture, as it is decorated from the inside with mosaics, art reliefs, in addition to the beautiful marble columns.

Qapi Brick Palace

Topkapi Palace (English: Topkapi Palace) is considered one of the distinctive places in Istanbul, as it has been a major home for the sultans for nearly 50 years, and it appears in an attractive way with its multiple wings, which are surrounded by green spaces, and it is worth noting that the harem wing is considered one One of the most attractive places in this palace.

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts (English: Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts) is located in Sultan Ahmed Al Fateh Square in Istanbul, where it was built in 1524 AD, knowing that it is distinguished by a large number of wonderful Islamic lines, and luxurious carpets.

The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar (English: Grand Bazaar) contains about 60 streets that contain more than 5,000 stores, 12 mosques, and 60 restaurants, enabling the local population and tourists to shop every day. This market is also famous for its luxurious carpets, distinctive souvenirs, and jewelry. Luxury.

Basilica Tank

The Basilica Cistern is an impressive reservoir under the ground, and it is considered one of the beautiful engineering pieces left by the Byzantines, where visitors enjoy the place, especially with the sound of water, classical music, and its wonderful light.

Banaya Elpida

Panayia Elpida (Greek: Panayia Elpida) is a Greek Orthodox church built in the fifteenth century, and it is a huge church worth visiting, as it contains one of the largest domes in the city.

fish market

It is possible to walk under the railways to reach the Fish Market (English: where the simplest restaurants are located there, which serve delicious dishes of seafood along the beach. You can also enjoy the spectacular sunset view.

the blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, and it was named by this name, due to the blue-colored tiles that decorate the interior walls, knowing that it was built between the years 1609 AD and 1616 AD. It is worth noting that this mosque combines Islamic architecture and Byzantine architecture.


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