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Dubai has many wonderful beaches that are important centers of attraction for visitors to the city, and the following are mentioned for the most important of these beaches:

  • Sunset Beach: It is a sandy beach that follows the Burj Al Arab, and is characterized by its wonderful white sand, where visitors can enjoy surfing, and watch the scenic view of the sunset.
  • Kite Beach (English: Kite Beach): It is a beach suitable for various activities and water sports, including: surfing, canoeing, tennis and volleyball on soft sand.
  • La Mer Beach (English: La Mer): It is located in the old part of Dubai city, and its visitors can go hiking, dining, entertainment, and shopping.
  • Beach (JBR): It is located between the Dubai port and the Arabian Gulf, and it includes many open markets, yoga session centers, sports centers, and a jogging track, in addition to water sports centers, and others.
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park: It is located at the borders between the Emirate of Dubai and the Emirate of Sharjah, and it includes five sandy beaches, many stadiums, small gardens, swimming pools, and areas designated for hiking.

the desert

Many Dubai tourists like to explore the desert, see the wonderful sand dunes, experience camel rides, and get a close look at the history of the desert, and the culture of its Bedouin population, and this can be done through particiAl Bahahn in safaris organized by companies, and hotels.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is considered one of the most important tourist landmarks in the Emirate of Dubai, with a height of more than eight hundred meters, and it is considered the highest tower on the face of the earth, and also allows visitors to see the city from above with an unforgettable view.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is located within one of the oldest buildings in the city, where visitors to the museum can enjoy learning about the history of the region, and the important events that passed through it.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab (English: Burj Al Arab) is a tower, and a luxurious building that takes the shape of a ship’s sail, and was built on an artificial island, in the year ninety-nine ninety-nine, knowing that visitors can see the wonderful and luxurious decorations of the tower, including: the amazing fountain And the decoration is made of golden leaves, and others.

The historical Al-Fahidi neighborhood

The historic Al Fahidi neighborhood (formerly known as Al Bastakiya) is considered a traditional heritage area that includes many old buildings that have been turned into museums, shops for artisan industries, cafes, cultural and artistic exhibitions, and houses, although many of these narrow buildings permeate many of these narrow buildings.

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