1- Juno, Alaska
Peak times for whale watching: April to November

Juno, Alaska, is one of the most beautiful capitals in the USA, with its attractive streets, scenic waterfront and snow-capped mountains. As you might imagine, Juno is a great place to embark on a whale watching excursion. Juneau can be reached far along the west coast of Canada, which is only accessible by plane or boat, as it is known as the Alaska Panasail. One of the best places to see many humpback whales from Earth is the Mausoleum of Saint Therese, about 35 km northwest of the city. To see orcas, or killer whales, it is best to go to seas on a boat tour in the center of Juneau.

2- San Juan Islands, Washington
Peak times for whale watching: from mid-May to mid-October
In the middle of the Juan de Foca Strait, about 170 kilometers northwest of Seattle, Washington, are the San Juan Islands. These green islands and the sparkling waters surrounding them make the setting amazing to see orcas. The nearby Lime Kiln Point State Park is a great place to watch black and white whales from the beach. You will also get your choice of renting boats in this area. Plan your visit between mid-May and mid-October, and many tour companies claim that you have a 90% chance to discover whales from the deck.

3- Depoy Bay, Oregon
Peak times for whale watching: from mid-December to February and from March to June
Oregon is characterized by sprawling coastlines that tend to watch whales. The Oregon Parks and Whale Watching Center on Depio Bay, about 160 kilometers southeast of Portland, is a great place to see the gray whales making their semi-annual migrations between Alaska and Mexico. If you want to get close to some of the nearly 18,000 whales that swim near the Oregon coast, there are a number of boat trips that can bring you closer to the event. Although you may be more likely to see whales during the winter and spring / summer migration, you may discover one or two during the remainder of the year as well. There are an estimated 200 whales that consider Oregon’s coast waters to be home between June and October.

4- Monterey Bay, California
Peak times for whale watching: all year round
Monterey Bay along the central California coast is famous for its artistic culture and whale-watching opportunities. Liz Liz at Monterey Bay National Marine Reserve says Point Lighthouse, also known as Point Santa Cruz, is a great place to see whales from the beach. At various points in the year, humpback whales, blue whales, orcas and gray whales can be seen from this point of view. But it is almost certain to see whales if you are on board one of the many tours located here and in the nearby town of Monterrey Beach.

5- Hawaii
Peak times for whale watching: December to May
Hawaii is a good place to see whales. In fact, Tori Collins, a US Coast Guard and Marine Biologist with the charter company, Wildside Hawaii, noted that “18 types of toothed whales and at least six types of ballet whales have been documented in Hawaiian waters” . Humpback whales are among the most popular whales, and can be seen even from shore between January and March. Head to Makapuu Point Lighthouse on the island’s eastern end (about 25 km east of Honolulu) to see the humpback from the beach.

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