The best planning for a trip to Turkey we offer you to Arab travelers, as Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, and there are many tourist places that can be visited and enjoy the most beautiful scenic in it, and therefore we have brought to you the best destinations and places that can be visited through Tourist program to Turkey.

Plan a trip to Turkey:

In the case of wanting to spend a pleasant vacation by heading to Turkey, it is possible to follow that tourist program that we brought with this article, which was planned according to the most beautiful places that can be visited in Turkey, and the planning of the trip is as follows:

The first day of the trip to Turkey:

The first day of the trip is the day after the day of arrival, as the day that arrives in Turkey is preferable to arrive at the hotel that was previously booked, for the sake of the break, so as to prepare to visit the most beautiful places in Turkey the next day, The first day of the trip is as follows:

Sultan Ahmed mosque:

We head to the most beautiful places in Istanbul, Turkey, which we start with one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the city, which is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is a distinctive and ancient landmark of Istanbul, which was designed in the Islamic style, and enjoy watching the only mosque that includes Six different lighthouses, and see the most beautiful ancient Turkish designs in the mosque.

Hagia Sophia Museum:

After that, we head to the Hagia Sophia Museum, which is one of the most famous museums that exist in Turkey, as it is one of the oldest buildings in Istanbul, where it was at first a church, and then it was converted into a mosque, but in the end it became a museum that includes many Islamic and ancient Turkish holdings .

Topkapi Palace:

Then go to Topkapi Palace in order to enjoy spending a special time in it, by watching this old palace, which includes many of the old possessions of the Ottoman Empire, where you can return hundreds of years by entering that palace.

Grand Bazaar:

At the end of the tour for this day, head to the covered market, which is one of the famous markets in Istanbul, and enjoy watching the largest market in Turkey, which has more than four hundred commercial magazines, and which has many different commodities.

The second day of Turkey’s trip:

As for the second day, it includes the city of Bursa, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, where many tourist places are available, and the planning of the trip to Bursa will be as follows:


No one can visit Turkey without visiting the waterfalls in Bursa, which has a picturesque landscape, which can only be seen in this charming place, which also has a group of restaurants through which food can be eaten at the sound of water.

Old Mountain:

After enjoying watching the waterfalls, you can go on a cable car tour at the top of Mount Oldge, and enjoy a wonderful and picturesque view. You can also enjoy skiing on the top of the mountain, especially if the trip is in winter.


You can also go to the Zoo in Bursa, which has the largest number of animals, as well as rare and endangered animals.

The third day of Turkey’s trip:

This day includes the Asian region of Turkey, which is characterized by the most beautiful tourist attractions in it, and also the most beautiful views, and among the best places to visit on the third day are:

Girl’s Tower:

The tower is one of the very famous landmarks in which Turkey is famous, as it is one of the towers that is located in one of the artificial islands, and the most important thing that distinguishes this tower from others is that it is located in the midst of water, and many legends were narrated on the construction of this tower, and a lot of stories Among the most famous of which is the king who built it to protect his daughter.

Baghdad Street:

One of the most beautiful streets in Turkey, which includes many shops, as well as restaurants and places of entertainment in addition to its beautiful scenery dating back to the Ottoman times.


The day can be concluded by a distinguished trip on the Bosphorus, and enjoying the most beautiful natural scenery, which is the gathering of the Asian and European party in one point, and seeing the most beautiful landmarks and palaces of Turkey, by riding the yacht.

The fourth day of Turkey’s trip:

The fourth day of the trip to Turkey includes heading to the city of Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful areas that can be seen because it includes a group of scenic landscapes, and the trip to Sapanca is as follows:

Lattice village:

This village is one of the most beautiful and charming places ever, it includes stunning landscapes that include waterfalls and mountains, as well as forests, and you can sit and eat in that wonderful view through many restaurants located in the region.

Mount Kartaba:

This mountain is one of the mountains designated for skiing enthusiasts, especially if your trip is in the winter, where it is covered with snow, and it is one of the high and high mountains where its height reaches more than a thousand meters.

Lake Sapanca:

Lake Sapanca is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, as it is considered one of the largest lakes, and you can enjoy visiting it and spend quality time by watching the bird species on both sides of the lake, in addition to plants and green spaces.

The fifth day of Turkey’s trip:

The fifth and final day includes preparing for travel, and this is by preparing the luggage for travelers, but on this day it can be done shopping in some shops and malls in Istanbul and buying some souvenirs.

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