Here is a list of the popular markets in Rabat, as this city is a paradise for those who like to shop. This city has many shopping options including traditional markets or shopping streets. You can find there all kinds of clothes, shoes, leather, jewelry, pottery. , Handicrafts, carpets, and many others.

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Popular markets in Rabat:

1. Saturday Market

This market offers you an authentic Moroccan shopping experience, so you should try visiting it to live in this beautiful and traditional atmosphere. This market is among the series of popular weekly shopping areas, meaning that this market opens only on Saturday, which is specialized in a variety of items from authentic handicrafts, dates and many others. You can find in this market many goods such as: leather products, bags If you are looking to have a delicious Moroccan meal or want to buy some beautiful art pieces, this Moroccan place has all these things, and many more.Popular markets in Rabat .. Markets that make you feel Moroccan magic!Saturday market

2. Central Market

This market is located in the city center, and it is one of the most popular markets for food and local specialties such as handicrafts, etc. This market was built in the year 1920 AD at the site of the old market, which was called “Market Show”. This large and wonderful place contains many There, you can find: all kinds of foods, fruits, meat, fish, and a lot of local foods, in addition to that you can find there are various different types of flowers.Central Market
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3. Al-Suwaiqa Street Market

This place is one of the largest and most popular markets in Rabat, where the market is located in the center of the old city, which still preserves its traditional character, and the market is crowded with people in the month of Ramadan, as popular cafes begin to open their doors; Not only for shopping and buying things, but it is also a place to wander around and see the authentic Moroccan atmosphere. This market is the ideal place to buy gifts, as it contains many items such as: all kinds of clothes, shoes, jewelry, carpets, pottery, crafts and handicrafts, and many others Of the things Unique and wonderful that you can get from there.Al-Suwaiqa MarketAl-Suwaiqa Market

4. Al-Kanasel Street Market

This market is the most famous popular shopping street in Rabat. This market is a very convenient place to buy gifts or any things related to the home, and there you can find all kinds of handicraft stores. On the street of the consuls you can find many silver and jewelry stores and Moroccan carpets decorated Attracting tourists to buy it. And then don’t forget to go to Moroccan restaurants to try Moroccan sweets and many delicious local foods. And as we mentioned there you can find high-quality carpets of various types, shapes and sizes, and also you can find jewelry, pottery, leather, silk, lamps, Wooden furniture And, of course, the traditional Moroccan shoe (Charbel or the Moroccan language) and the Moroccan jellaba (the traditional Moroccan dress)Al-Kanasel Street MarketAl-Kanasel Street Market

5. Infrastructure Market

Souk Al-Tahti is a market located around “Al-Kanasil Street”, that is, in the heart of the historical city of Rabat. You do not expect that Rabat is a big city like: “Marrakech” or attract tourists at a rate equivalent to that in “Marrakech”, but Rabat is also a traditional tourist city Very, inside you will live in the heart of the atmosphere and authentic Moroccan life, and also the prices are lower than the prices in “Marrakesh.” You can find there is a large group of slippers, carpets, leather textiles, traditional Moroccan ornaments, and traditional handicrafts, in addition to that This is where you can buy the most beautiful souvenirs by BP availability of many options.Under marketRead also: Tourism in Rabat is your guide to a successful tour

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