Popular markets in Stockholm – Sweden

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Swedish markets may not be as famous as other markets in France or Denmark, or any of the world-renowned markets, so for those who do not know about it and its treasures, especially in its capital Stockholm, let’s dive together deep into the streets of the Swedish capital in search of food and clothing And all products with a guide to the best popular markets in Stockholm.Popular markets in Stockholm Sweden - Popular markets in Stockholm - Sweden

Hornstulls Market:

Hornstulls market is located in the west of the upscale Sodermalm in Stockholm, and this modern market is characterized by its presence in the open air. Many of the merchants of this market are characterized by artists and designers, but they are unknown, and sell things of their creativity. There are also merchants who trade in used goods such as antique clothing, jewelry, shoes, as well as electronics and motorcycles. This market stretches along the water .. which makes it a nice place for hiking, even for those who do not intend to shop or buy anything. There are trucks for food and art out there. When you go there, you will have the perfect shopping street experience.

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Bruno Antique Market:

It is located in the upscale Södermalm district of Stockholm, it looks a little small but not very crowded. Clothes are the most sold, but there are also a few jewelers and others who trade in household appliances that are very affordable. In addition to that the merchants In this market, they accept to bargain for a reduction in commodity prices. Of course, going to the Bruno market is a great experience worth trying.1581204069 2 Popular markets in Stockholm Sweden - Popular markets in Stockholm - Sweden

High ostermalms:

As a result of the continuous development in everything, the markets did not remain in their traditional appearance, as the markets went to the higher areas. Examples of these markets are high Ostermalms, where at the end there is the food market that has achieved a wonderful activity since the 1880s. He mentioned his name Jimmy Oliver as one of the favorite places To it in Stockholm, this market is filled with merchants belonging to the prestigious family establishments, and even restaurants and kiosks have high-quality ingredients such as that made at home, especially traditional Swedish dishes and seafood. In addition, it is worth going there for its building , Which was praised for Its design.

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- Soderlope's Market - Nacallopes:

This market is characterized by selling antique traditional clothes and household items. Not only that .. but it also leads in the sale of toys and stuffed animals. It is not a market for business owners, but it uses the locals as an area to sell things at cheap prices, and rarely do you find The same sellers every week. Soderlopez Market is located on Kvarholmen Island, and this market is only open on Saturday and Sunday in the summer.1581204069 538 Popular markets in Stockholm Sweden - Popular markets in Stockholm - Sweden

Tappy - Lopez:

Lopez Market is located in the outskirts of Stockholm, and it is traded from within the cars, which means that the sellers offer their goods for sale via their cars. It is the largest market of this kind in Sweden, and it has special rites that give it a pleasant public atmosphere for the hobbyists, as if it resembles a square Big sale among neighbors. You may find in this market many traditional things intended for sale, such as clothes and shoes, but it also contains strange jewelry that delights travelers and can be used for unconventional gifts. The market starts at the weekend from May and continues Until October.1581204069 682 Popular markets in Stockholm Sweden - Popular markets in Stockholm - Sweden


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