Venice is the jewel of italyn cities, where beauty lovers turn in search of an exceptional romantic getaway and architectural sights thanks to its excellence in underwater buildings.

And due to the mild weather in Venice, it enjoys several tourist seasons during the year, as thousands flock to it every day to get unforgettable memories in the historical atmosphere.

But your trip in Venice can be difficult and exhausting if you are not armed with the most important advice to delve into this floating italyn city, so you can listen to the opinions of travel experts about the city of Venice:

1- Stay away from the busiest times

Venice is a busy city most of the year, but there are certain times when the number of tourists increases steadily, making your visit to the city stressful and time-consuming.

You can find out about the seasons of Venice through the reservation websites on the Internet, and it is always preferable to stay away from holidays and holidays.

2- Read the history of the city

Venice is more than just a floating city, as this city has a distinguished history that embodies its exceptional architectural structures and its original alleys and has seen many pages of italyn history.

To get the most pleasure from you, read about the history of the city and the history of its tourist attractions before traveling, do not expect to obtain abundant information from the tour guides, as well as the overcrowding there, the time will not be enough to know everything and enjoy all the details.

3- Avoid feeding the birds

Tourists love to feed birds in various major arenas in the cities of the world, but this habit is forbidden in St. Mark’s Square and if you violate the rules you will incur a fine of 500 euros.

The municipality of Venice made this decision to prevent the reproduction of birds in large numbers due to the damage they caused to historical artistic works in the square and caused them to cause multiple holes in the archaeological sculptures there.

4- Choose the right restaurant

Do not come close to the restaurants located at St. Mark’s Square or the Grand Canal, as well as the overcrowding of tourists and the high prices, the diesel vapor rising from the water gondolas stationed in this area will be suffocating and annoying when eating your meal.

You can choose Hadi Restaurant in one of the streets and side alleys, there you will live an atmosphere of true romance at lower prices, as you will enjoy eating traditional dishes of the city instead of the poor international dishes provided by tourist restaurants for visitors and lack the Venetian flavor.

5- Agreeing on the price of the gondola in advance

Before you ride the gondola, you must agree with its leader on the price, and you can find out the appropriate price from the sites of tourist visits that bear the experience of dozens of visitors to the city.

It is known that sailing in the gondola may be costly since sailors impose great prices on tourists at peak times, so do not allow them to deceive you at an exorbitant price, but never give up on a romantic gondola trip to explore the beauty of Venice.

6- Avoid relying on GPS maps

Many tourists indicated that they are facing weak signal from satellite GPS maps inside the gun, due to the rise of its ancient stone buildings.

So you have to arm with certified city maps, or keep a copy of Offline maps with Google Maps services.

In any case, do not fear anything. Lost in Venice is one of the most enjoyable experiences ever witnessed by hundreds of tourists, but it may cost you time. This city was constructed in the Middle Ages, so its lanes and alleys are random and do not carry any logical distribution and subdivisions, but they are fun, authentic and look more like A journey through time.

7- Pay attention to time

Venice is a city that sleeps early and gets up early, so you have to pay attention to the time component during the visit so that you can enjoy enough time in tourist attractions and tour the city.

By 8:00 pm, all the shops and restaurants will be closed, and the city will be covered in a romantic calm, suitable for the owners of the rounds on the feet, but do not forget to eat your dinner before this time!

8- Do not adhere to the main attractions

A visit to St. Mark’s Square and the cathedral is undoubtedly a rich and unique experience, but you should not spend the entire day there, the terrible crowd with the numbers of tourists, vendors and restaurants and all that noise does not reflect the real Venice.

The essence of Venice and the history of its indigenous people lie in its branching streets, ancient houses, basalt floors, and cheap cafes, and this is what the real traveler is looking for.

San Marco Cathedral
San Marco Cathedral

Venice buildings at sunset

Venice buildings at sunset

The quiet streets of Venice
The quiet streets of Venice

The magic of Venice at night
The magic of Venice at night

The romance of Venice
The romance of Venice

Venice is the jewel of italyn cities
Venice is the jewel of italyn cities

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