Travel, recreation and tourism abound during summer. If you travel during the coming summer months, the most important practical advice that will make your trip easier and remember long is also provided to you, and it will give you great ideas!

be ready!
We frequently fall victim to our smart devices that we use to photograph and capture ancestral and even videos and broadcast them through applications, but in many cases we expect that in the places we visit and we are located, such as airports, restaurants, malls, and other special places to charge these devices, but this is not often available! So it is necessary to accompany or buy with us a portable charger that we previously charge and help us when the percentage of their devices’ batteries drops! We must always remember to find out what type of electricity is used in the country we are visiting in order to transfer our devices to it and we can always buy what is known as a global adapter to help us in all cases!

Follow-up to airports through the communication sites
In order to stay up to date, moment by moment, on any possibilities of delaying flights, cancellations, or even weather, if appropriate or not, for aircraft taking off, we recommend that you follow up and download applications and airport sites across the various communication sites to where we go. Some airports also offer services to download information related to everything from destinations to shopping, dining, etc.

I know your bank that you are traveling!
We are exposed to a number of situations during our travel in terms of credit cards and payment with them, so it is useful to inform the bank about this and to obtain information about whether dealing with these cards is available or safe.

Photos of your information
We also advise that we keep a copy of our passports, or even photocopy by phone, if we add it or it is an emergency! It is also possible to photograph our bag pass card in cases of late or lost, which happens in a number of times.

Pay attention to the exchange rates
We often leave these things for the last minute, but it is necessary to look at the currency rates before transferring to them, as many travelers knew later that they were exposed to losing some of their money due to the differences in travel prices, as they made them in inappropriate places. There are many applications that provide around-the-clock updates of exchange rates.

Don’t forget that …
This advice may be intuitive, but we often forget it! We should not forget to carry with us a hand sanitary cleaner for emergency situations where there is an example in many countries of East Asia, soaps are not available in the bathrooms of many restaurants even if they are unpopular … nor should we forget the protection creams from the burning sun on the sea or even In all sunny places in order to protect ourselves from any dangers …

What do you think of these tips?

Summer tips are essential
Summer tips are essential

Keep your journey distinct

Keep your journey distinct

Great travel advice
Great travel advice

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