Prague Tourist City

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The city of Prague

It is one of the cities of the Czech Republic and its capital, and it is considered one of its largest cities and it is called (a thousand towers) because of the large number of towers in it. Central, and is characterized by the presence of many churches, domes, beautiful and tourist places visited by many people throughout the year from all over the world, where nearly 4 million tourists visit.

Tourist areas in Prague

Mala Strana

It is one of the areas located on the edge of the Charles Bridge in the Old Square. This area is distinguished by its ancient, remarkable and distinguished architecture, as the history of the region dates back to 1257 AD, and its most famous tourist attractions are: Nicholas Baroque Church, Einstein Palace, and many parks and gardens, and some other monuments It is worth visiting, and there are also many famous restaurants in the area, where lunch can be enjoyed with pleasure.

Gunpowder gate

It is one of the original gates and towers in the city of Prague, which was built in the eleventh century, and was stored in its towers gunpowder in the foot, and is characterized by its splendid view and architecture.

Prague dancing astronomical clock

It is a dance house in Prague, named after its shape and architecture that appears as a dancer, designed by Frank Gehry, and inside it there are many private offices, restaurants, and cafes open to all visitors and tourists, and the view of the Vltava River can be enjoyed from the building.

Petrin Park

It is one of the zoos that opened in 1931 in Prague, and is visited by many tourists annually, and this park was evaluated among the top 10 parks around the world, and is located specifically on the street (troja) located in the north of the city center, and what distinguishes the park most is the presence More than 4,800 animal species, extinct and rare animals, the cable car that strolls around the park can be enjoyed for a wonderful view, and the wooden yacht can be boarded.

Wenceslas Square

It is one of the main squares in Prague and is called a shopper’s paradise, and there are many hotels, restaurants, and banks, and many commodities are sold in its streets, where the square is considered one of the commercial districts where life abounds at night, and also the Grand National Museum full of architectural Knorr and the Opera House .

Old Town Square

It is one of the ancient squares in the city of Prague, and there is a large astronomical clock that reveals the Babylonian time, the old German time, and the date of sunrise and sunset, and was created in 1410 AD by one of the international designers in mathematics. Pounding and blowing the oboe in a very wonderful way.


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