Prehistoric effects

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Prehistoric effects

The peoples of prehistoric lived about two million years ago, but the actual history of them began from the moment they invented writing, that is, more than five thousand years ago, and all of the preceding this period is called prehistoric times, including the peoples, arts and antiquities they left.

The peoples that existed in the prehistoric period worked to lay the foundation stone for the emergence of civilizations. People of those ages depended on hunting and gathering edible plants, and with the passage of time they were able to raise animals and grow some agricultural crops, and invented some simple tools that I helped them in farming and fishing, in addition to learning to set fire and make the oldest pottery, and little by little they established the oldest cities.

All of these things are indicated by the effects discovered since those times, which are devoid of records due to the lack of knowledge of these peoples to write, and this is the reason why they did not leave written records, from what prompted scientists to research and try to excavate their effects from tools, bones and remnants, where all found is studied From these relics, to gain an approximate knowledge of prehistoric peoples’ lives through their relics.

Antiquities found for prehistoric peoples

Most of the antiquities found, belonging to these peoples, are tools made of stone, and this is the reason that the era in which these peoples lived was called the Stone Age, and a near-approximate knowledge of the age of man on Earth was also reached through the discovery of traces of fossil human skeletons , Near Germany in the nineteenth century AD, where scientists at that time were unable to determine whether these bones belonged to a modern person, or an ancient one because they lacked modern tools.

One of the most important discovered effects is the skeleton of Lucy, which was discovered within fossils, and this structure belongs to one of the ancestors of humans, where he lived three million years ago, i.e. almost a million years before the appearance of man, where studies indicate that the first human appeared two million years ago Round face.

This is in addition to the inscriptions and drawings found on the walls of the caves, which explain in one way or another the way of life in prehistoric times, and the tools that he used on a daily basis in his life, and through those drawings and arts, he began to strive to search for other relics, dating back For that time period in the history of the earth, where many traces were found, but what was found was not sufficient to answer all questions about the details of life in that period, which are still pending, awaiting the discovery of more effects.


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