Prehistoric traces in Algeria

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Historical monuments in Algeria

The ancient Romans called the name (Numidia) on Algeria, and Ain Al-Hanish Al-Algeria is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Algeria, and it is the witness to the oldest monuments of human control in Morocco, and the North African region became famous for the development of ancient Stone Age technologies, where it discovered metal representations of rock sculptures, An example is the development of stone peeling machines, as well as the finding of archaeological axes dating back 200,000 years in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

The pre-Algerian period

The coastal region of North Africa was known as Algeria, and in the prehistoric period was inhabited by barbarian tribal groups, many of whom are present Algerians descended, and the Phoenician sailors established coastal settlements in the country, and after the period of the eighth century BC it took control of the city of Carthage, and later it was controlled The Romans took it in 146 BC to become a center of Roman culture, as Christianity spread during that period, and agriculture and trade flourished, as wheat and olives were marketed from Numidia to Rome, but despite the prosperity of Roman cities, the barbarian revolts were frequent against them, and after that that The Roman influence in the country was reduced, especially after the Byzantine invasion, which caused a devastating war in the year 430 BC-31 CE. After the Arab conquest of Algeria, the region became called the “Middle Maghreb”.

The most important historical times in Algeria

Algeria has witnessed many important historical events, the most important of which are:

  • 3000 BC: Berbers settled in the coastal areas of North Africa.
  • Year 1000 BC: The Phoenicians occupied the Algerian coast.
  • 200 BC: The establishment of the Kingdom of Numidia in northern Algeria by Massinissa.
  • 148 BC: Massinissa died during the siege of Carthage, and the Romans established a protection against Numidia, and the area was divided between the three sons of Massinya.
  • 46 BC: Julius Caesar formed a new province in Numidia.
  • Year 429 AD: The end of Roman rule after the conquest of the Vandals.
  • Year 432 AD: The Vandals rule Algeria in full.
  • Year 683 AD: The Arab conquest of Algeria, and the introduction of Islam to it.


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