Prices for tourist areas in Istanbul

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The country of Turkey has recently become a tourist destination for thousands of Arab and foreign tourists, especially the city of Istanbul, which receives millions of visitors every year who prefer to spend the holiday in it, especially after the events experienced by many of the tourist countries that were hit by tourist places such as Egypt, Lebanon and from Then Istanbul became the closest tourist destination and is characterized by its cheapest prices compared to other tourist countries. During visiting Istanbul, a number of tours must be taken to visit the most important tourist places in the city, and today for Arab travelers we will talk about the prices of tourist areas in Stunbol.

Prices of tourist areas in Istanbul:

  • A trip to Princess Island This tour includes a visit to ebook ada island, then a ferry ride back and forth and a cabriolet ride on princess island with lunch. The trip will be accompanied by a tour guide, this tour needs an average of $ 60.
  • Tourist tour in Bursa: where you will visit the Ottoman Village, the Green Mosque, Mount Uludag, ride a cable car, eat lunch and then return to the hotel, with a tour guide. The average cost of this tour with entrance fees for monuments is $ 75.
  • Great Sapanca Lake Cruise: This tour includes a visit to Sapanca Lake, a visit to Mount Kartepe, a cable car ride, a visit to lush waterfalls and entry to the Viaport Shopping Center, lunch, a tour guide and entrance fees that will cost an average of $ 70.
  • A tour of the Old City: This tour will include a visit to the Hagia Sophia Museum, Hippodrome in Istanbul, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the covered market with a tour guide, lunch and transportation to and from the hotel, the average cost of the tour will reach approximately $ 65.
  • Tour of the Bosphorus Strait: The Egyptian Market, Golden Horn, Puppet Hill, Crossing the Bosphorus Bridge, Visiting the Pilarbe Palace and having lunch with a guide and traveling to and from the hotel will cost about $ 50.
  • Bosphorus dinner cruise: The Turkish evening program is included for dinner, which is often fish or grills next to desserts such as Turkish baklava or kunafa or tea, natural juice and coffee, along with many recreational activities such as DJs, Turkish dancing, sorcery, Turkish folk dance, oriental dance and Turkish network, Transfer to and from the hotel will cost around $ 20.
  • Turkish Levantine Evening: This evening includes eating dinner from the open buffet, which provides an opportunity to eat oriental and western meals, while enjoying a special paragraph for children, the hidden games and magician paragraph, the sham show, the DJ paragraph, the Arab rhetoric paragraph, the original ritual paragraph with the milky cod, and the Syrian Dabke show and the Syrian paragraph Ottoman dance, visiting the girl’s tower, transportation costs and the tour guide will cost $ 50.

Prices of fees for tourist places in Istanbul:

  • Entry fee for Topkapi Palace is 20 liras.
  • Dolma Pasha Palace 6 liras.
  • The e-book fee for the Topkapi Palace is 10 lira.
  • Hagia Sophia 20 liras.
  • Mina Turk 10 liras.
  • Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque) so its entry is free.
  • The price of the cabriolet on Buick Island is also for the short walk, the cost is 40 liras, while the long walk is the cost of 50 liras.

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