Planning a tourist trip in a country we don’t know about much is no longer difficult, on the contrary, this process has become easy and enjoyable, especially with the spread of dozens of phone applications and websites that have played a prominent role in transferring travel technology to another level.

Among the various social networking sites and applications, there is an application that is intended for many travel enthusiasts, and it is: Pinterest, where its use is not limited to discovering the most beautiful pictures of travel and knowing the most important things to do in one of the destinations, but also helps in planning your next trip.

If you do not know much about Pinterest or if you are experienced in using it today, we will provide you with the best travel accounts on it to help you plan your next trip according to the travel + leisure site specializing in the world of travel.

The Planet D.
Discover the adventures of the duo “Dive and Dip” around the world, as they confirm through their account that traveling is a pleasure for anyone. You will find in the account you will find many important topics that address various types of travelers looking for luxury, culture or adventure and many more.

Dainel Bear Hunley
An account for traveling to the southern United States. Daniel covers everything from the best places to eat and the best galleries, parties, festivals and attractions! Everything you need to know about that region in one place.

Travel + Leisure
Whatever you want to know about the world of travel or planning for it, starting with a honeymoon in Europe or an unforgettable trip on the beach or a trip with the family, this famous account puts in your hands the most beautiful pictures and the best advice.

Natalie Di Scala and Johnny Jet
Natalie’s account eagerly pursues a complete life with a travel-based style, it helps travelers permanently in the organization and careful planning and is also competent to provide information to travelers with the family and has a lot to tell about the Greek region of Santorini. As for Johnny, a friend of Natalie, he travels to more than 20 countries every year, which makes his account significant due to his many experiences. Find out the “Travel Tips & Tools” section of your account for valuable information.

For those looking for the best information on family travel, this account is worth checking out. He knows himself as the biggest blog on family travel and the content he publishes. He provides advice for planning holidays in all its details, from preparations to destinations and travel with children.

This account was chosen the best on Pinterest in 2015! The account covers many aspects of travel, especially trips to Asia. Follow the best sentences said about travel and choose the best hotels in the world and many more …

Gary Arndt
Gary visited the seven continents of the world, specifically more than 115 countries. He is a professional photographer so if you are looking for a revelation in the world of travel you will definitely find it in his amazing account.

Application users are increasing
Application users are increasing

The world of travel is in your hands
The world of travel is in your hands

Many travel accounts at Pinterest
Many travel accounts at Pinterest

Pinterest application
Pinterest application

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