Puppet Hill is one of the famous places in Istanbul, and it is very suitable for many people who are looking for beauty and nature, and everyone who searches for comfort and recreation, Hill of Puppets is the most famous places in Turkey, which can get all means of entertainment by visiting this place Unique.

What is a bridal hill:

Puppet Hill is one of the best places to enjoy calm in Istanbul, it is also called Chamlica Hill, and this hill consists of two different hills, and the most important thing about this place is that it is one of the places overlooking the city of Istanbul, through which you can see all the important landmarks of Istanbul.

Puppet Hill Place:

Bridal hill is one of the most famous areas in the Turkish city of Istanbul, it is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, on one of the hills in Istanbul, and this hill is located specifically in an area called Uskudar, and the hill of brides can be reached by car, or by ship .

The first hill in the wedding dress:

The first hill overlooks many of the distinctive views of Istanbul, where the great hill, or the first hill, overlooks a large number of waterways in Istanbul, the most famous of which is the Bosphorus Bridge, as well as the famous Aminu Peninsula, along with its view of the famous Uludag Mountain , Which is located next to the city of Bursa, which is one of the most beautiful mountains in Istanbul, because it is one of the snowy mountains, and that the hill of brides is the largest hill of them also overlooks the islands of princesses, located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, and the height of the first hill or as it is called the big hill, about Two hundred and sixty-seven meters above a level Sea.

The second hill in the puppet hill:

The second hill is also among the puppet hill, and it is called the small hill, because it is less in height than the previous hill, where the height of the small hill is about two hundred and twenty nine meters above the sea level, and it is also called the Kuchuk Shamliga hill, and it is also distinguished This hill has many distinctive scenic views from which you can see the most beautiful landmarks of the entire city of Istanbul.

How to enjoy time on Bridal Hill:

The hill of brides is one of the places that attract many tourists from different parts of the earth, because it is one of the picturesque places, which add a lot of relaxation and recreation, and makes a lot of people can inhale the fresh air and this place is very special for all people who love nature and its beauty, Time can be enjoyed on the wedding hill by:

  • Puppet Hill contains many distinctive gardens, as well as forests, which include many picturesque plants, especially in the spring, this place is one of the most beautiful natural places, especially in the small hill.
  • Puppet Hill also contains many distinct flower types, which give a sense of well-being to anyone looking for the beauty of nature.
  • Puppet Hill also includes many types of picturesque trees, among which are pine trees, and these trees cover the top area in this hill which adds a lot of beauty to the place.
  • There is a place designated for bridal petals, which is a walkway, through which you can walk between the beautiful green scenery and enjoy this wonderful view.

The most important services available in the Bridal Hill:

There are also many services available on the Bridal Hill that make many visitors attracted to visit this place, whether they are from outside Turkey or from within it, due to the magnificence and beauty of the place, and the most important of these services are:

  • Puppet Hill has many seats, which provides for everyone who visits the park to sit in the middle of this wonderful picturesque view for the sake of convenience, or for some snacks.
  • Bridal Hill also includes a restaurant overlooking the entire city of Istanbul, which provides the pleasure of eating foods of all kinds while enjoying the view of Istanbul from the top of the hill.
  • There is also a distinctive Petal Al Araes Café, which offers many distinct drinks, which are located in a direct location on Istanbul and its sights.
  • Puppet Hill also contains some games that are dedicated for children, in some vast areas in order to provide fun and luxury for children.
  • Multiple memorial photos can be taken in this place, where there are many brides and lovers who take memorial photos in this unique and attractive place, so anyone can take memorial photos in the middle of this charming nature.

Puppet Hill visit dates:

You can enjoy visiting this charming picturesque place, the wedding hill in Istanbul, on a daily basis, from nine in the morning until eleven at night, and going to this place will not require any expenses or costs at all.



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