Qatar and Bahrain Bridge

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Qatar and Bahrain Bridge

Qatar and Bahrain are located in the Asian continent, in the Arab Gulf region in particular, and the two countries have many common features, such as customs and traditions, religion and one language, and due to their proximity to each other geographically, and to increase friendly relations between the two countries; each of them decided to establish a bridge linking them to each other This scheme was revealed in the year 1999 AD, and the idea came to establish a wide sea bridge with a width of four hundred meters, and it was announced that the project will start in the year 2009 AD, but it was postponed work in 2010 AD, and the financial value required to complete the project is estimated at 1.5 billion USD, and This bridge was named the Bridge of Love.

How to design a bridge

The initial designs for the bridge are designed to reach a length of about forty kilometers, which will connect Bahrain Island to the coast of the Qatari peninsula in the northwestern part. This project on the ground will take four years or more, and Qatar has chosen Bahrain to be its partner in building this bridge because Bahrain attracts large numbers of tourists, especially from other Gulf countries, and most of them are from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and it was decided to stop the work with the old design, because the way of the bridge Was pardoned The stairs are 3%, to reach the height of forty meters, and to unload the cargo, and because the available space for the trains does not exceed 1.2%, while the modification in the design is to build two additional railways on the side of the bridge road, so that there will be a need to increase the length of the bridge Seven new kilometers. In 2008, the Bridge Foundation, which includes members from the Qatari and Bahraini government, decided to add a railway line to connect the Qatar National Railways System project with the rail network in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Bridge benefits

There are many benefits that benefit both countries, including:

  • The new bridge cuts down many roads and distances.
  • Bahrain will be a station of great importance. For example, going from the Saudi city of Khobar to Qatar will be closer by going through the King Fahd Bridge, through Bahrain and the Bridge of Love.
  • It will reduce the distance traveled from the Emirates and Oman to Bahrain, the East, and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
  • Bahrain is the largest beneficiary of this bridge due to the large Qatari financial investment, which is equivalent to twice the gross domestic product.


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