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Doha city

Doha is the official capital of the State of Qatar and its cultural and economic center. It also includes about half of the population of the country. The capital offers a wonderful mix of preserving customs, values ​​and technological development that it has reached, while keen to preserve its old traditional buildings that are adjacent to it by many modern and modern buildings, The golf course is one of its most popular sports facilities, due to its high quality designs and standards.

The ancient city of Zubarah

The ancient city of Al-Zubarah was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, separated by about 15 km from the capital, Doha, and was established in the early eighteenth century by the Al-Zubarah tribe, and despite being a deserted city now, its strategic location between the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf made it a center An important commercial at that time, especially in the pearl trade.

the desert

Qatar contains many deserts, but the most famous is the desert located on the southwestern side of Doha, where it is characterized by its high sand dunes and natural landscapes that attract many leisure seekers and safari enthusiasts, and there are many shops and catering along the road leading to it .

Arab Museum of Modern Art

The museum contains many modern and contemporary artistic holdings. It also offers many temporary exhibitions and other artistic activities. In addition to the art collection galleries, it also contains a library, gift shop and café. The museum opens its doors for visitors between 9 pm to 7 pm Evening every day except Friday, where he receives visitors from 1.30 pm to 7 pm.

Other landmarks in Qatar

  • Al Rayyan is considered the center of the National Equestrian Federation in Qatar. It also receives the horse exhibition that takes place every year, and multiple horse races.
  • Historic Doha Castle and the Grand Mosque are important landmarks in Doha.

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