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Tourism in Qatar

The State of Qatar is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere of the Arabian nights, and camels can be ride and explore caves in them. Visitors can also discover many cultural areas and enjoy all kinds of water sports also from surfing to water skiing, and the capital and Doha is one of the world-class cities, It offers a lot of experiences to the visitor, including great shopping and restaurants.

The most famous tourist places in Qatar

Al-Waqif Market

Souq Al-Waqif is considered one of the oldest commercial markets, and it is one of the traditional markets in Doha, and it is a great place to buy traditional Qatari clothes, incense, perfumes, and spices. The stores have many restaurants and lounges in which shoppers can relax.

The Qatar Pearl

The Qatar Pearl Artificial Island is distinguished by its yacht docks, its luxurious residential towers, villas, famous hotels, luxury goods stores, and distinguished exhibitions that contain the most prestigious international brands; therefore it is considered a tourist destination that attracts tourists and visitors, as it includes dozens of restaurants Serving food, parks, and cafes.

Katara Cultural Village

This village seeks to link the ancient Qatari heritage to its modern place, and it contains cultural centers, theaters, galleries, and restaurants that serve Qatari and international cuisine. Katara Cultural Village also has a private beach that extends 1.5 km, where visitors can go water skiing, or ride a boat from The beach, as it has a dedicated area for children’s games, it is worth noting that Katara is the name that was launched on the Qatari peninsula in the past.

Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum

The Sheikh Faisal Bin Qasim Al Thani Museum, or Sheikh Faisal Museum was established in 1998 in a large fort outside of Doha, and it displays elements from the special collection of the Sheikh who was named after the museum, which starts from the documents and artifacts he collected while he was traveling while with his father in the Arab Gulf region At the moment, the collection consists of more than 15,000 pieces from four different continents around the world, and the museum is divided into four different regions, namely: Islamic art, Qatar heritage, cars and coins, and visitors to this museum can explore one of the most selective groups compared Other museums in Doha, including Akbar Jmuah special weapons in the world, and is a diverse collection of old cars, many of which belong to the Qatari royal family, the most prominent exhibits of this museum.

Islamic art museum

The Museum of Islamic Art is considered one of the important tourist places in the State of Qatar, and one of the greatest museums in the world. It was opened in 2008, and it is considered a pioneering project for the Emir of the State of Qatar, to be a center of education and information about the Islamic world. It was designed by the architect IM Bai (in English: IMPei).

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