Qatar’s monuments

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The State of Qatar is an Arab country located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in southwest Asia, which overlooks the Arabian Gulf, and Doha is considered its political capital, and it has several common borders with many Arab Gulf states, where it is linked from the southern side with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with land borders And it is linked freely with the borders of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it is one of the countries that are attractive to tourists from all over the Arab world and the world, because it contains many tourist, archeological and entertainment attractions, in this article we will talk about the monuments of Qatar.

Qatar’s monuments

Qatar Archeology Museums

  • Qatar National Museum: It is the museum located to the east of the Doha Corniche, where it contains a private hall that includes a collection of monuments that indicate Qatar’s geological history, in addition to it contains a collection of antiquities and artifacts dating back to the Islamic era, and the museum also includes a group of traditional wooden boats.
  • Islamic art museum: It is the museum located on the Doha Corniche, where it hosts a group of monuments of Islamic art, which vary between porcelain, metal, jewelry, wood, as well as glass. It also contains a library, an activity hall, in addition to an educational pavilion.
  • Creek Museum: It is a museum located in the city of Al-Khor, which consists of two floors, and contains monuments that indicate the anthropological life of the country.

Qatar’s ancient castles

  • Wajba Castle: It is the castle that was built in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century, due to its importance due to the battle that took place near it, and in which the people of Qatar won the Ottoman power, in the year 1893 AD, as it contains a group of ground and upper rooms, As well as the four constellations.
  • Umm Salal Muhammad Fort: It is a castle located up to 21 kilometers from Doha, and is a residential castle dating back to the late nineteenth century.

Other monuments in Qatar

  • Barzan Tower: It is the tower located in Umm Salal Muhammad, where its history dates back to the late nineteenth century.
  • Souq Waqif: It is the market located a few minutes away from the Corniche, and is considered the social heart of Doha, as it is a shrine for tourists passing through the alleys located between the distinctive architectural buildings, as well as shops.
  • Falcon Market: It is the driver located near the Souq Waqif, and perhaps the most distinctive feature is that it contains an enormous set of tools related to falcons.

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