Quiet places in Cairo

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Cairo was founded in the Fatimid era by the goats for the religion of God on the lands of Egypt, and the city expanded throughout the ages and expanded to include many cities that extend around it, including the city of Giza, the military, Shubra, the tent, and Helwan in addition to the city of Al-Qta’ea and other suburbs close to these cities and became Collectively called the Greater Cairo, Cairo remained the most important among these cities because it is the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the city of Cairo is one of the largest cities in the Middle East and Africa, where the population of Cairo is about 7.787,000 people while Greater Cairo has a population of 20 million people with a population density of 15 thousand people per square kilometer.

The most important landmarks of Cairo

Quiet places

Despite these huge numbers and the large number of residents of the city of Cairo, it still contains many quiet places that can be visited to enjoy the view of the waters of the Nile and the clear sky that covers it during most of the summer nights, and from these areas:

  • Cairo Tower: The Cairo Tower mediates the city and is located on the island of Zamalek overlooking the Nile River, this tower was built to take the shape of the Egyptian lotus flower to reach a height of 187 m, and it opened in 1961 AD, and there is a tourist restaurant on the top of the tower that enables tourists and visitors to see Cairo city landmarks and enjoy the look of the Nile from this high altitude.
  • The Egyptian Opera House: It is located on the island of Zamalek, and it was opened in 1988 to include three theaters of the opera: the big theater, the small theater, and the open theater, in which there are many international opera performances, ballet shows, musical performances, and international symphony in addition to art galleries Plastic artist for major artists around the world, which made this home a destination for fans of fine arts.

Popular places

As for the popular places in the city of Cairo, they are far from calm, and they are characterized by a lot of crowds and the overlapping of their markets with their streets. Among the most famous of these places are:

  • Ancient Egypt: Among the oldest and most ancient areas in Cairo, it includes the Coptic Cairo, the Hanging Church, the Coptic Museum, and a number of Jewish temples. It also includes the Salah al-Din Citadel built since the Middle Ages, the famous Hussein Mosque and the neighborhood of Sayyida Zainab.
  • Khan Al-Khalili: The Khan Al-Khalili area attracts a large number of tourists coming to Cairo due to the large number of popular markets, bazaars and restaurants. This Khan was established in 1400 AD by Sharif Al-Khalili and named after him.

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