Ramadan tents in Dubai 2016

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Ramadan tent in Dubai – the best Ramadan tents in Dubai for the year 2016

Ramadan in Dubai is marked by Ramadan tents that are erected throughout the city, which are decorated with lanterns, Ajami rugs and the atmosphere of this holy month, and families and friends flock to gather on breakfast and suhoor tables, including delicious dishes, entertainment shows, shisha boards, table games and authentic Arabic touches. We searched for the best tents this year and collected them in the list below.

Ramadan Tents in Dubai – Ramadan Tent Dubai

Bab Al Shams Hotel Dubai – Bab Al Shams Desert Resort

the place: Bab Al Shams Desert Resort
For reservations: +971 4 809 6194
Experience the authentic Arab Bedouin atmosphere in the Bab Al Shams Resort, surrounded by the tranquil desert from every side while you eat breakfast consisting of the most delicious dishes of oriental cuisine, while enjoying live entertainment shows such as Tanoura dance, oriental music, camel shows and horses.
Ramadan tents in Dubai 2016 - Ramadan tents in Dubai 2016

the Council

the place: City Coliseum, Madinat Jumeirah
For reservations: +971 3 666 730
This council is decorated in the month of Ramadan with its finest dress ready to receive its guests at the iftar table, knowing that it can accommodate more than a thousand people, and you find every night an open buffet with delicious and delicious traditional food, and before dawn dawns, the fasting meal is served to the fasting people on request from a menu Distinctive.
1581235534 314 Ramadan tents in Dubai 2016 - Ramadan tents in Dubai 2016

Ramadan Tent Dubai – Ramadan Tent in Dubai


the place: Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah
For reservations: +971 4 426 0800
With its beautiful location on the beaches of Palm Jumeirah overlooking the Arabian Gulf and its delicious food served at Iftar and Sohour, Asateer is one of the best Ramadan tents in Dubai. Also, this tent provides prayer rooms, live entertainment and activities such as card games, chess, table and many others.

Downtown Dubai

the place: Boulevard Mohammed bin Rashid
For reservations: +971 4 423 8883
Head to the Burj Khalifa in the center of Dubai to visit one of the most amazing Ramadan tents in the city, where luxurious decorations blend with authentic Arabic designs, and a generous table is presented in front of you with diverse award-winning food, to live a unique experience that you will not find in any of the other Ramadan tents.

Mamimu Council, The Ritz-Carlton

the place: The Ritz-Carlton
For reservations: +971 4 318 6646
Dubai Ramadan Tent: If you are looking for luxury in breakfast, all you have to do is go to Mamimu Majlis, which combines modern design with traditional Arabic elements, to provide its visitors with a distinctive atmosphere with a beautiful view of Jumeirah Beach, as well as delicious oriental dishes and quiet instruments of the oud.

Saraya Tent

the place: Armani Hotel, Dubai
For reservations: +971 4 888 3666
Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Saraya tent is its view of the Dubai Dancing Fountain. There, you will sit in a calm atmosphere with an Arab touch, and eat delicious and distinctive dishes from the kitchens of the Arab world and from the preparation of award-winning restaurants, while watching the fountain waters swaying to the music.
1581235534 129 Ramadan tents in Dubai 2016 - Ramadan tents in Dubai 2016

Sky Bubble Tent

the place: Meydan Hotel
For reservations: + 971 4 327 0000
If you want a delicious breakfast with great views of Dubai, head to the Sky Bubble tent located on the eighth floor of the Meydan Hotel, whose façade provides a view of the Dubai skyline. In addition to the open buffet and hookah, this tent offers cooking stations where the chefs prepare food directly in front of visitors.


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