Ramadan tourism in Turkey

المسافرون العرب

Learn about the manifestations of tourism in Ramadan in Turkey, the experience of the month of Ramadan is considered one of the things that have its own lightning and flavor, as the Turkish people consider the month of Ramadan to be a month of gathering and celebration, so the Turkish cities turn into a torch of illuminated matters in all parts, we find stalls that display Islamic books Gifts and small collectibles are scattered in every neighborhood, next to the drums that ring every night in order to wake people up at suhoor time, and halal restaurants in Turkey are keen to provide all delicious Turkish items of various kinds, and the Turkish markets in Ramadan turn into a cell of trade and activity, as well as evening dance wools What is happening after the Tarawih prayer, all the spiritual atmosphere is filled with the streets and mosques of Turkey, and here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

The most important Ramadan traditions of the Turkish people:

  • Al-Masrati: The Al-Misrati tradition is considered one of the ancient traditions of the Turks, where a man carrying a small drum walks and knocks on it powerfully while chanting some beautiful religious chants and a sweet voice to wake people up, and despite the disappearance of this tradition due to the development of technology means where stimuli and mobile phones are, Al-Sahrati still remains It is located in the historical areas of Istanbul and in the small Turkish cities.
  • Turkish Suhoor: Eating some traditional foods is one of the most important traditions of the Turks in Ramadan, such as scrambled eggs with onions, tomatoes and pepper slices, as well as omelets, honey, Turkish cheese and Turkish tea.
  • Minaret lighting: When the time for iftar is approaching and the sun sets before the Moroccan ears, the mosque minarets are lit with green lights.
  • Iftar in Ramadan: Iftar is the thing that all family members are keen to adhere to throughout the month of Ramadan, and it is a tremendous opportunity to bring family and friends to eat together on the same table, and it is the Turks’ habit that they drink more before breakfast, such as oranges, tamarinds, spices, apples, and lemons. About food, there are some foods that the Turks are famous for during this holy month, where they prepare pies stuffed with cheese, meat or dates and sugar and are greased with eggs and sprinkled with sesame, this is beside the presence of the most delicious Turkish foods on the breakfast table such as potato soup, lentils and lentil soup. Red beside the various vegetable dishes.

Ramadan tourism in Turkey in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul shines during Ramadan, with the Ramadan atmosphere that surrounds it.

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  • Sultan Ahmad Mosque: Or as it is known as the Blue Mosque differs from the rest of the mosques in Istanbul during the month of Ramadan, to find that the six minarets of the mosque have been decorated with lights, too, because of the presence of sunset in its surroundings where the colors of the sky change, besides it is crowded with the Muslims throughout the month of Ramadan to perform the five prayers during this The holy month, and many fasting people go to breakfast in the Blue Mosque plaza in the open air.
  • Orkoy region: As the pavement and marine cafes in this region during the month of Ramadan become one of the most beautiful areas in Istanbul, where the fasting people go to eat the Orfali kebab dishes and eat the kumper potatoes that are sold in the kiosks spread in the region.
  • Bosphorus: There is a lot of Ramadan activities, where many go aboard a yacht or boat in the Bosphorus Strait to have fun and spend the most beautiful Ramadan parties accompanied by friends or family members.
  • Istiklal Street: And in Ramadan, it becomes one of the most beautiful streets in Turkey, where its restaurants and cafes, where many wait for the opportunity to breakfast there and enjoy the beautiful sessions, and eat a cup of Turkish coffee with Turkish sweets spread there.
  • princesses island: And it means seafood lovers for breakfast, where they go an hour and a half before breakfast and ride the boat heading towards the island, to eat the most famous sea dishes of fried or grilled fish and eat breakfast by the sea.
  • Mawlawi Nightlife: Which is found in abundance in the mystical corners of Istanbul, especially the areas surrounding Topkapi Palace and Sultanahmet, there is a wonderful presence of spiritual atmosphere.
  • Touring the markets in Istanbul: Especially the Grand Bazaar market to buy traditional jewelry, buy fabrics, buy antiques and accessories, and buy the Ramadan lantern and others in an unparalleled Ramadan atmosphere.

Ozone Joule during Ramadan:

Where the traditional folkloric dances and simplicity of the village’s authentic life, as well as natural foods, green spaces and the splendor of the atmosphere and nature, where the cold weather that suits most of the worshipers.

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Ramadan in Bursa:

Bursa is characterized as one of the cities with moderate temperatures, in addition to the presence of many historical mosques and mosques, so the month of Ramadan there is a wonderful and very special, as most of the mosques in Bursa are interested in holding parties for religious chants and reading the Qur’an, as well as Bursa markets that have many Of beautiful rituals and many diversity and wonders.

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