Recep Usta Istanbul Restaurant is one of the best restaurants of Baghdad Street Istanbul. It features dishes from Turkish and Arabic cuisine, which are cooked using special blends of spices invented by the famous chef Usta Rajab. It is located in the Altintepe neighborhood, less than a kilometer from the beaches of Istanbul the witch.
The restaurant is considered one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul and places for providing luxurious meat dishes, and the official chef is considered a professional in the world of cooking, as he started his career in cooking and creating cooking methods from 1978 AD, and the restaurant currently has many branches in the tourism cities in different Turkey, such as Ankara, the capital, Bursa The witch, the city of Izmir and others, and perhaps the most distinctive of the restaurant, its walls that are decorated with many pictures of its famous customers and others, and that give the restaurant an intimacy parallel to the houses.
Recep Aosta Istanbul Restaurant

Food famous for serving Recep Aosta Istanbul

Rajab Osta Istanbul Restaurant is one of the best popular restaurants in Istanbul, where it is famous for providing home cooking dishes of all kinds, from stuffed to grills and other, and stuffed lambs are stuffed chicken, grills of various types, dolma and types of stuffed vegetables, along with types of pasta and grilled ribs of the most famous dishes Provided by the restaurant.

Recep Central Istanbul Restaurant

The menu of Recep Restaurant Central Istanbul starts with breakfast options, then protein appetizer dishes such as types of raw and cooked kofta, and vegetable kofta, then several types of salads and soups, followed by Turkish pizza and different types of pastries.
Then begins the part of the main dishes of various, which suit all tastes, and includes meat and chicken in many forms, grills, sauces, and stuffed with all kinds.
The list ends with a group of different Turkish sweets, cold and hot drinks, and Turkish tea and coffee is perhaps the most recommended experience for Arab customers.
The prices of Rajab Osta Istanbul restaurant range between 150 to 400 Turkish liras, which is equivalent to about 25 to 70 $. The restaurant also offers competitive offers on official occasions and holidays, and during the month of Ramadan, when the price of a single meal reaches 125 Turkish liras, equivalent to $ 22.
The individual meal for the person includes an appetizer dish, salad dish, soup, main course, dessert dish, in addition to one of the types of cold and hot drinks.
The restaurant also organizes birthday parties and all special events for customers, within its halls that accommodate approximately 350 people.

Recep Aosta Istanbul restaurant menu

The Recep Aosta menu takes the form of a picture book, consisting of 32 pages, and includes details about ingredients, a price, and a photo of each dish. Below are extracts from the list

Recep Aosta Istanbul Restaurant

Recep Central Istanbul Restaurant

Recep Aosta restaurant in Istanbul

Recep center in Istanbul

You can find out more about the restaurant, reservations, and inquire about how to organize special events parties by visiting the restaurant’s official website from here

Opening hours at Recep Aosta Istanbul

Everyday from 11 am to 11:30 pm.

Rajab Aosta Istanbul Reviews

The restaurant of Rajab Central Istanbul won the admiration of most of its customers, especially the Arabs among them, and its highest ratings were the share of the quality and quality of foods, the size of a single meal, the financial value of the one-person meal, banquets and collective meals.
Generally speaking, restaurant ratings were between 80 to 85% in all respects, and the diversity of dishes served was distinctive.

Attractions near Recep Central Istanbul

The restaurant is located along the famous Baghdad Street Istanbul, and it is 850 meters from Bostanci Lunapark, 4.2 km from Istanbul Toy Museum, and 4 km from Bostan Beach.

A very beach in Bostan, close to Rajab Usti Restaurant, Istanbul

Hotels near Recep Aosta Istanbul Restaurant

Dedeman Bostanci Istanbul is one of the important 5-star Istanbul hotels, and it is 2.8 km from Recep Aosta Istanbul.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received very good reviews regarding the quietness of the location, the general cleanliness level, the facilities and services it provides, and the comfort of the rooms.
Hotel reservation
Suadiye Istanbul Hotel is one of the best 4-star Kadikoy Istanbul hotels, 1.7 km from Recep Aosta Istanbul Restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received very good reviews on food quality, staff cooperation, level of hygiene, view of the site and its proximity to services.
Hotel reservation

Recep center Istanbul website location

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