Santorini is a distinctive name that signifies the significance as it refers to the charming island that occupies an area of ​​79.194 square kilometers in the south of the Aegean Sea, so the Arab Travelers website offers you the subject of Santorini to know a lot of important information about that island famous for its picturesque nature and its unique beaches, as it points the topic to the most important facts About it and information about the most important tourist attractions in it, as well as clarifying the most important hotels in it, and thus this topic helps you in developing your knowledge about this island and in thinking about more options available for your next summer vacation site.

About Santorini:

  • Its official name is “Thira”.
  • Its capital is the city of Fira.
  • Island ferry located in the south of the Aegean Sea, Cyclades Archipelago.
  • One of the most important tourist areas in the world.
  • It occupies a privileged position on the edge of the volcanic lake (caldera), rising from its port by 274.32 meters (900 feet).
  • It is three hundred kilometers from the southeast of Athens (the capital of Greece), while two hundred kilometers from mainland Greece.
  • It is characterized by its charming beaches, historical monuments with white walls and blue ceilings.
  • Its monuments are characterized by a mixture of Phoenician and Cycladic architecture.
  • It has a freshwater source.
  • The source is in a cave midway between the ancient Kamari and Thira regions.
  • This source provides a small amount of water, so island residents rely on drinking water from both the local desalination plant and bottled water.
  • The island can be reached by air from Thira Santorini International Airport.
  • Air Lines provides seaplane access services to the island.
  • The island can also be reached using water ferries via the new Athenaeus port.
  • There are many tourist companies that organize trips to the island.
  • Unique opportunities and various options for staying on the island are available, such as: apartments, hotels, and ships.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Santorini

Kamari Beach:

  • It is ten kilometers from Fira.
  • In the middle is a famous giant rock known as “Mesa Funa”.
  • It features a black sand beach.
  • It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Oia Town:

  • It is an integrated resort.
  • It includes many white houses, most of which have been converted into upscale hotels.
  • It has its sharp, winding paths.
  • Famous for its delicious marine food.
  • One of the best places to enjoy the sunset.
  • The city was founded in 1207 AD at the beginning of the Venetian rule, and then it was subject to Ottoman rule in 1579 AD.
  • The city was abandoned as a result of a strong earthquake in 1956 AD, until it was rebuilt in 1977 AD. Since then, tourists from all over the world have started arriving there.

Red Beach:

  • It is famous for its red sand, thanks to its presence in an area of ​​red volcanic rocks.
  • It is small in size.
  • One of the island’s busiest beaches during the island’s prime times is the period between July and August.
  • It has many sellers of delicious fresh grapes.


  • It is an ancient city dating back to the Bronze Age.
  • I was buried under the volcanic ash, affected by the volcanic eruption in 1500 BC.
  • It has been restored and has become one of the most important tourist attractions on the island.
  • It has a lot of artwork and sculptures, as well as remains of mural paintings.
  • Discoveries of antiquities began in the year 1967 AD.


  • We refer to the island’s capital.
  • It is the main habitat for the launch of the active volcano on the island millions of years ago.
  • It features square white houses built on terraces.
  • It has many churches distinguished by their blue domes.
  • It has many important museums such as: the Archaeological Museum of Thira and the Prehistoric Museum of Thira based on the ruins of an ancient church that was destroyed during the earthquake of 1956 AD.

Ancient thira:

  • It was named after King Thera who was one of the most important rulers famous for ancient Greek mythology.
  • It was built by the Spartan warriors as one of the ways to defend the kingdom.
  • It occupies a privileged position due to its construction on top of the hills.
  • It disappeared under the sands of the hill, but it was discovered in 1895 AD.
  • It includes many monuments and tombs.

Top hotels in Santorini:

  • Katikies: It is located on the heights of the town of Oia, and is characterized by its stunning views of the Aegean Sea, and many guests praised the high level of its services.
  • Kerini: It occupies a privileged position on both the volcano island and the Aegean Sea, in addition to its proximity to Santorini port and the international airport.
  • Calderase lilyum: It is one of the preferred hotels for those looking for a quiet life, as it is located in a quiet location, which can be reached after a few minutes drive from Fira, and provides elegant places to stay and relax.
  • Skyfall: It is located in the village of Pyrgos, just six kilometers from Santorini Airport, and provides the opportunity to easily visit many of the island’s attractions.
  • Smaragdi: One of the closest hotels to the Black Beach, as it is only fifty meters away from it, so you are welcome to stay there if you are a lot of people who love the Black Sea.

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