Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best parks in Sri Lanka cities

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There are many public parks and parks in Sri Lanka that attract millions of visitors from all over the world to see the charming medical, wild animals, rare birds and exotic plants, and to know the most prominent parks in Sri Lanka, follow this article.

Recreation in Sri Lanka

The parks are located in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo, Kandy City, Bentota City, Dambulla City, and Noralia City, and other Sri Lankan cities. Learn about the most prominent of these parks.

Recreation in Colombo

National Zoo

The National Zoo was established in 1936 and is the oldest park in Sri Lanka, with an area of ​​30 acres, and includes a group of local animals as well as bringing in animals from abroad where you find pet bears, lions, tigers, deer, elephants and monkeys and allocated part of it to domestic butterflies and birds. Plants and flowers are spread throughout It makes for a great opportunity for hiking and relaxation, and guides are provided in the garden on weekdays and throughout the working hours: from 8:30 until 5:30. Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best - Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best parks in Sri Lanka citiesSri Lanka National Zoo – Recreation in Sri Lanka

Viharamahadevi Park

Among the largest parks in the Sri Lankan “Colombo”, Colombo parks are considered one of the largest public parks in the Sri Lankan “Colombo” park. Free access to the park for all individuals at all times, so do not miss the opportunity to visit and take memorial photos of this wonderful place, which is one of the best parks in Sri Lanka and the world.

Recreation in Kandy

Elephants garden

Elephant Garden is about 10 km from Kandy, which is small compared to other gardens, and elephants in the garden are spread along the river in the garden and you can enjoy riding elephants and take memorial photos with them and watch the elephant fill a hose with water and spray passengers, and the tour period reaches about 15 minutes and beware of buying leather goods that Exposed to the elephants garden because of its high price compared to the exhibits on the road, in addition to the low price, but it is characterized by the most beautiful forms, and there is a museum in the garden of elephant structures and some birds.1581237957 245 Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best - Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best parks in Sri Lanka citiesElephant Garden – parks in Sri Lanka

Spice Garden

From Kandy parks, the Spice Garden is a garden dedicated to all spice trees and it is fun and beautiful and a great opportunity for hiking, but when you go there you must ask about the services provided in the garden is it paid or on the ticket where you will find there massage services for hair and body by spices and original oils which are The price is high, and the spices in the garden are also expensive.

Botical Garden

The Boutique Garden or the Royal Botanical Garden is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka, which is located near the River “Mahaweli”, and receives the park about two million visitors every year, because of its famous groves decorated with flowers and flowers in all parts. Of rare and giant trees and varied plants up to 4 thousand species, roses and flowers receive you at its entrance, along with the spread of green spaces in all parts, which amount to about 147 acres, which makes it one of the most important parks in Sri Lanka.

Recreation in Noralia

flowers Garden

The flower garden is located in the city of Noralia, which is one of the large gardens in Sri Lanka and contains a number of strange and strange trees, which is a popular tourist destination for lovers of nature, calmness and calm weather.1581237957 437 Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best - Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best parks in Sri Lanka citiesFlower Garden – Recreation in Sri Lanka

Devon Falls

From the parks of Noralya, Devon Waterfalls located in the Talawekla area in the city of Noralia is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world and not only Sri Lanka, and his visit is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and hiking amid the charming and picturesque nature, and you can take memorial photos. It is about 97 meters above the ground and is one of the best parks in Sri Lanka.1581237957 157 Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best - Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best parks in Sri Lanka citiesDevon Falls – parks in Sri Lanka

Horton Plains Park

Surrounded by the mountains of Horton Plains, the city of Noralia surrounds the mountains from every side and is one of the best parks in Sri Lanka, and it has many types of trees and wild animals such as elephants, deer and rare birds along with an archaeological area containing fossils of extinct creatures. Grilled food by providing rental camping equipment.1581237957 924 Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best - Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best parks in Sri Lanka citiesHorton Plains Park – Sri Lanka parks

Recreation in Bentota

Turtles safe park

From the gardens of Tota, the turtle reserve is located up to 10 kilometers from the center of the Sri Lankan town of Bentota, and the reserve provides its visitors with the ability to learn about the natural environment of turtles, and the reserve is the city’s largest project aimed at protecting and preserving turtles. Soil designated for that and after a specified period thrown into the sea, however, a large number of these turtles are eaten by fish while dozens survive only, and who were able to reach sufficient growth and fish could not eat them.

Lunoganga Nature Park

The Lunoganga Nature Reserve in Bentota was designed by Jeffrey Bow, one of the most famous architects in Sri Lanka, and the park includes a group of rare and diverse plants and a large number of them are used in physical therapy. It is known that the reserve receives visitors from 9:00 am and closes its doors at 5 pm Evening, as it is a specific fee, and is one of the most famous parks in Sri Lanka.

Recreation in Dambulla

Sigiriya Rock

The Yisgiriya rock is one of the most famous parks in the city of Dambulla, where it receives hundreds of visitors every day, and reaches a height of about 200 meters, at the top of which is the fortified King Kasab Castle where it was built in 477 AD, and there are many water pools and terraces, and there are rock stairs up to 1400 Degree and is the only way to ascend the summit. Sigiriya rock is one of the most beautiful parks in Sri Lanka and its journey extends over 3 stages in each one. You can take a break and take memorial photos especially that you can play with monkeys and see the picturesque scenery of the area surrounding the rock. It is known that the entrance to the rock Mm to the feet of a lion, surrounded by water lakes and trenches, and the top is full of green gardens and trees, you can also take a picture of the city of Dambulla as a whole or experience jumping from top to bottom but make sure your heart is strong and able to stand and skip the jump safely.

Jungle Safari

Available in the city of Dambulla “Forest Safari”, half an hour drive from the city center, and the journey starts by renting a jeep along the journey with Dambulla forests, and during the trip you can enjoy watching a variety of animals such as cows and elephants. The safari trip includes watching the lake and rare birds Spread around it, along with the pleasure of seeing the enchanting scenery, and one of the most important tips for enjoying an enjoyable safari in Dambulla is to go there after four o’clock in the afternoon so that you can see elephants and do not worry because the time is not late, especially since the trip does not take one hour. As for taking pictures, it is done Specially designated places for memorial photos with the forest as a whole, and you can take photos from inside your car freely in the elephants and lake areas, but visitors are not allowed to leave their cars as a kind of caution and safety, and the price of a safari ticket is about $ 30 per person, including the price of the car.1581237957 664 Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best - Recreation in Sri Lanka .. Find out the 12 best parks in Sri Lanka citiesForest safari – parks in Sri Lanka

Wisqamoo Park

Wisqamwa National Park in Dambulla is one of the four national parks of Sri Lanka, and it contains large herds of elephants and a number of rare and natural animals. The National Park in Dambulla was designed as a “nature reserve” in 1938 AD, and strict laws were put in place that prohibited hunting wild animals In it.


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