Report and guide on Lake Murskiy Oko Zakopane

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Lake Morskie Oko is one of the greatest and most beautiful lakes around the world. Below are all you need to know about it, the various activities that can be practiced there, and enough information to encourage you to visit it as soon as possible.

Information about Lake Morskiy Oko Zakopane:

  • Lake Morskie Oko is one of the largest lakes in the state of Poland and one of the well-known names for it is the eye of water, as it comes in fourth in terms of depth and size in the Tatruhi Mountains, which reach a height of more than 1395 meters above sea level.
  • It is not an exaggeration to say that the number of tourists who come to visit this wonderful lake every year exceeds 500 thousand tourists.
  • Lake Morskiy Oko is located within a nature reserve of the National Park named Tatra.
  • The lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country thanks to the beauty of nature and the magnificence of the scenic view, whether due to the extreme purity of the water and its breathtaking glory, or because of the beauty of the surrounding greenery, it is one of the tourist destinations that attract young people, especially nature and adventure lovers.
  • Swimming in Lake Morskiy Oko was prohibited due to the deep water depth.
  • Among the activities that you can do in the lake, enjoy the beauty of nature and the hobby of fishing or sit on the bank.

The most important characteristic of Lake Musky Oko:

  • Also called the Emerald Lake, green and surrounded by many high mountain peaks, which enables you to see the unusual brightness of the sun and the reflection of the color of the sky in a beauty on the surface of the water that is incomparable and cannot be expressed in words. The shape of the landscape takes hearts and there is a wooden inn that is an old shelter in the mountains. In order to reach the lake, you can take many different transportations, or even walk in the green spaces on foot, or by taking a carriage that is pulled by horse.
  • You will need this great adventure travel shoe and travel bag as well as a raincoat and heavy winter clothes. You can also take the horse to your place of stay at any time you like, and it is better to set aside at least eight hours to enjoy the appearance and beauty of the lake.
  • Relative to the cost for one person and two persons 820 PLN
  • For the cost of the group between three and six people 860 PLN
  • Choosing a horse’s independence requires adding 30 to the previous prices, which is optional.
  • My trip to Zakopane:

    The city of Zakopane is one of the most beautiful places in the state of Poland, known for its beauty of nature and its attraction to a huge number of tourists every year from every corner of the world. The region is located in the south of the country in an area called Hall, which is very close to the flat of the Tatras, which are characterized by the beauty of nature, the abundance of green areas, beautiful waterfalls, and mountains that you should visit if you are a fan of excitement and mystery.
    The following are the most important areas that I visited in Zakopane, where the region is more than 800 km above the ground, and you should not miss his visit in order to enjoy spending a wonderful time in Poland, the most beautiful natural cities around the world, and the most important of these places:

    Lazienki Park:

    The park is located in Warsaw and is one of the largest royal designed gardens, which includes many huge buildings, magnificent statues and antique theaters in addition to ancient palaces such as the impressive water palace. If you visit Poland do not hesitate to go to Lazienki Park so that your visit is unforgettable.

    Wawel Castle:

    The castle was built in the 14th century during the reign of King Kazimir III of Poland. Wawel Castle is located on a hill in Krakow, and is one of the largest museums in the city, and you will find a warehouse of weapons that were used in the past in the war, in addition to beautiful and impressive exhibition halls.

    Salt miner

    There is a salt mine near Krakow and is one of the oldest mining mining salt around the world. The Wilkeska Salt Mine was built in the thirteenth century and the most important thing that distinguishes it from its dazzling place is that it extends beneath the surface of the earth and contains many sculptures and statues made of rock salt that were separated professionally and with terrible precision by contemporary sculptors and artists.
    In the mine you will find many chapels and cathedrals designed by highly skilled craftsmen on the whole continent of Europe.


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