Hello, Welcome (Merhaba, Hoşgeldiniz) This phrase welcomes you with a pleasant smile upon your arrival to Istanbul, and the most striking color mix is ​​the dazzling color mix that combines the past, the present and the future in each of Istanbul’s tourist districts, where you liked the harmony between Traditionalism from the east and modernity from the west, and I always wanted to have more time to spend wandering in its historical lanes.

When I returned to the house, I had to tell you the most important tourist places in Istanbul and the best entertainment places in it, to benefit everyone who wants to come in for tourism in Turkey.

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Istanbul hotels

Istanbul brings together a valuable elite of hotels, apartments, and resorts that have received the highest ratings from their Arab guests, due to their distinguished services that they have always provided, you can move to the list of the best Istanbul hotels through the following link .. Read more

My trip to Istanbul

The most important places I visited on my trip to Istanbul

Istanbul includes hundreds of tourist places that cannot be written in one article, but I will tell you about the places I visited while on a trip to Istanbul.

Sultan Ahmed Square

Sultan Ahmed Square is one of the most beautiful places that I visited during my trip to Istanbul, where it is famous as one of the oldest squares in Istanbul, in addition to that it is one of the richest areas of prominent tourist and historical attractions .. Read more

My trip to Istanbul

Taksim Square

Taksim Square is distinguished by its markets that display the best international brands at affordable prices, in addition to its numerous cafes and fine restaurants, which made my trip to Turkey Istanbul one of the most beautiful trips .. Read more

My trip to Turkey Istanbul

Ortakoy region

One of the most enjoyable places to see during my trip to Turkey Istanbul, thanks to the famous Chergan Palace with its decoration, and the impressive Ortakoy Mosque with its engravings .. Read more

My trip is Istanbul

Covered market

I could not leave Istanbul without going to the covered market, which is popular among all countries of the world, as it has the largest number of stores selling Indian spices, natural herbs, in addition to many handicrafts such as carpets, glass and carved artifacts .. Read more

My trip to Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul Girl Tower

As for the girl’s tower, it is one of the most wonderful places that I saw during my trip to Istanbul, where you will see and hear the strangest myths around it, in addition to the presence of a cafe on the top floor of it, which provides a stunning view of the Bosphorus … Read more

My trip is in Istanbul

Bridal Hill

Puppet Hill is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Istanbul, where many locals and tourists also resort to it in order to obtain the most beautiful pictures thanks to the panoramic views of the city, in addition to providing this region the highest levels of comfort and recreation .. Read more

My trip to Istanbul

Princesses Island of Turkey

It was necessary to visit her during my trip to Istanbul, as my arrival to it in itself was a trip in itself, as I boarded a cruise ship from Kabatach port inside the waters of the Marmara Sea .. Read more

My trip to Istanbul

Istanbul Dolphinarium

The experience of swimming with the Dolphin is one of the most beautiful experiences that I had during my trip to Istanbul, as well as watching its acrobatic shows and seals, which made Istanbul Dolphinarium attract many tourists, especially families .. Read more

Istanbul trip

Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium takes you to another world as if you dive into the largest marine organisms basins in the world, as it includes the strangest forms and types of fish, in addition to the availability of many activities inside the Aquarium .. Read more

Ataturk Park

It is one of the most beautiful gardens that I went to during my trip to Istanbul and the most popular among Arabs, foreigners and locals, you will enjoy watching the strangest types of trees produced during your visit to them .. Read more

A trip in Istanbul

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A trip to Turkey: all you need to know in one place!

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