Al Ghurair Hotel Dubai tops the list of five-star hotels in Dubai as one of the best hotels in Dubai for young people and families alike, with its distinguished location in the oldest and most famous shopping centers and popular markets in the Deira district, with varied and enjoyable leisure facilities suitable for all spectrums and ages.

And through our article today, we review with you the most important advantages and prices that put Swiss Hotel Al Ghurair Dubai in an advanced position between high-end Dubai hotels and hundreds of other hotels in the Emirates tourism.

The most important advantages that Al Ghurair Hotel Dubai provides to its visitors

Swissotel Dubai is spacious self-catering units
Close to the most important malls and metro stations in Dubai.

In addition to family entertainment facilities such as swimming pools
And fitness center, spa and beauty services, sports fields, evening parties, networks
TV and games rooms for children.

Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai also provides tickets for attending shows, sightseeing and tour desk, luggage storage and currency exchange, business center, laundry, disabled facilities, airport transfer, free transfer to the Jumeirah Beach.

Available units

One bedroom area of ​​112 square meters.

Two bedrooms with an area of ​​148 square meters.

Three bedrooms with an area of ​​189 square meters.

Dining options The Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai

Al Ghurair Hotel units include a minibar and a kitchen equipped with a stove, oven, microwave and fridge, as well as a varied and varied chain of restaurants at the Al Ghurair Shopping Center attached to the hotel.

And that
With an accessible breakfast for rooms, children’s meals, fruit and dessert.

Prices for Swissotel Dubai units

The prices for accommodation at Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai are between 105 – 381 USD
One night for two people, and varies according to the season, type and breadth of rooms and reservation policies
And tax.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel got a great evaluation thanks to the cooperation of the staff, the privileged location, and the comfort of the rooms.

Hotel reservation
The rooms of Al Ghurair Hotel Dubai feature charming views
Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai is one of the best hotels in Dubai for youth
Swissotel Dubai offers spacious serviced units
Recommended Swiss Hotel Al Ghurair Dubai Dubai recommended hotels

Location the hotel

Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai is located on Omar Bin Al Khattab Street, next to Al Ghurair Shopping Center, 1.5 km from Deira Fish Market, 5.2 km (10 minutes by car) from Dubai International Airport.

And for more
More information about Swiss Al Ghurair Hotel Dubai and its best prices
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Hotel reservation

Hotels near Swiss Hotel:

Panorama Deira Dubai Hotel, Jonrad Dubai Hotel, Swissotel Living Al Ghurair

What makes Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai the best choice?

Its location is on one of the main streets of Deira, adjacent to its most famous malls, near the popular Deira market, proximity to restaurants, cafes and service centers, youth and family entertainment facilities, free transportation to a nearby beach, spacious space and high-quality services, varying and acceptable prices.

What are the downsides of Swiss Al Ghurair Hotel Dubai that you should be aware of?

Some guests complained that there was no bidet for the rooms, no beds suitable for children, and the extra furniture worn out.

Is there a pool at Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai?

Yes, the hotel has an outdoor pool ideal for adults and children.

How much does it cost to stay at Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai?

The cost of accommodation in standard Swissotel Al Ghurair units ranges between $ 110 – $ 313 per night for a standard room, and varies with the season, area of ​​the unit, and other factors.

Is breakfast at Swissotel Dubai included in the rate of stay?

Breakfast is part of the Al Ghurair Hotel Dubai reservation policies, which vary from unit to unit. We recommend that you carefully review them before completing the reservation process.

Is breakfast good or bad at Swissotel Dubai?

There were no complaints from guests about the quality and diversity of the items at the breakfast served by the restaurant, Swiss Hotel Al Ghurair Dubai, which also does not overlook the children’s food preferences.

Is Al Ghurair Hotel Dubai suitable for Arab families?

Yes, the self-catering hotel is attached to an entertainment mall, providing comfort, privacy and recreation through separate units, away from the noise and crowds, and it provides family entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, fitness and spa services, TV and children’s play rooms with evening parties, sightseeing and beach transportation.

What is the best way to get to Al Ghurair Swiss Hotel from the airport quickly?

Dubai International Airport and vice versa can be reached from the hotel in 10 minutes by car, 13 minutes by the Red Metro from the Union Station, 32 minutes by bus.

What is the dining experience at Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai?

The dining experience at Al Ghurair Hotel is simple, traditional, but good. The restaurant offers breakfast with coffee and meals for children, an integrated kitchen and a minibar in the rooms, a variety of restaurants and cafes at Al Ghurair Mall.

Are there good restaurants near Swissotel Al Ghurair?

Yes, there are several good Arab and international restaurants near Swissotel Al Ghurair such as Sangeetha Restaurant, Cheyenne Restaurant, Beston Samad Iraqi Restaurant, and many others.

What sightseeing activities near Swissotel Al Ghurair Dubai?

In the surroundings of Swissotel Al Ghurair, you can shop a variety of commodities, visit the cinema and the recreational areas provided by Al Ghurair Mall and City Center Deira, buy a variety of fresh fish from the Deira Fish Market, swim, water sports and sunbathe on the La Mer Jumeirah beach.

How far is the Swiss Hotel Dubai from the tourist areas in Dubai?

Al Ghurair Hotel is 2.6 km from the Deira district, 15 km from the Jumeirah neighborhood, 13 km from the city center, and 11.3 km from Bur Dubai.

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