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Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul

المسافرون العرب

Antik Istanbul Hotel is one of the best hotels in Sultanahmet Istanbul, as it is close to the city center and the airport, and therefore it is one of the most important and best options for accommodation in the city.
In this report, we will show the most important information you may need to know about this hotel, which we recommend as one of the best accommodation options when booking hotels in Istanbul, Sultanahmet.

The most important features offered by Antik Istanbul Hotel

The charming view of the Marmara Sea and other large parts of Istanbul is one of the things that distinguishes it most.
Inside the hotel there are saunas and massages that you can visit in order to have a relaxing time, in addition to a large number of services, such as laundry and drying, car rental, central air conditioning, buses to and from the airport, etc.

Dining options
Antik Istanbul Hotel offers breakfast on the roof terrace with nutrients that are not without breakfast, in addition to drinks such as distinctive Turkish coffee, tea and iced drinks as well.
As for lunch, the hotel offers traditional meals of Turkish heritage in addition to other italyn, Arabic and Asian meals.

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Available rooms
Standard room with double bed can accommodate two people.
Duplex suite with sea view has one large double bed.
Family studio with 2 single beds and 1 double bed.
Junior suite with one large double bed, and 1 sofa bed.
Classic triple rooms, you can find two single beds and one double bed.
Standard twin room with 2 single beds.

Hotel rates
Standard room rates start from $ 111, and the price varies with different rooms, area and view.
Standard room rates outside tourist seasons start at $ 56 per night.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel received excellent reviews for both location, reasonable prices, and staff.
There are some negative comments regarding the cleanliness of the hotel, the limited space for some rooms and the narrow reception space of the hotel as well, and the difficulty in communicating in languages ​​other than Turkish.
Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul - Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul
Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul - Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul
1581340841 612 Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul - Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul
1581340841 111 Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul - Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul
The location of the hotel
Antik Istanbul is just 500 meters from the city center, and Beyazit Tram Station is a 3-minute walk away.

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To find out more details about staying at Antik Istanbul Hotel and offers prices, you can read on Bukking site.
Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul - Report on Antik Hotel Istanbul

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