Luxury accommodation is one of the advantages of tourism in Riyadh, and Rafa’a residences are among the best accommodations that tourists prefer, especially domestic or foreign tourism trips, for them, hotel apartments are better than regular Riyadh hotels.

Despite the quality of Saudi hotels in general and Riyadh in particular, family trips are looking for cheap furnished apartments in Riyadh in comparison to hotel accommodations, and this is what Riffa Hotel Apartments Riyadh provides.

Branches of Rafa Hotel Residences series

These residences combine the level of high-end and cheap accommodation at the same time, and this is what is most famous for Rafaa Riyadh Hotel, Al-Sahafa Branch, Al-Aqiq and the rest of the chain.

As the accommodation is clean and furnished with comfortable and clean furniture, as well as the prices of accommodation in it suitable for different groups.

Rafa Apartments – Al Sahafa

Rafaa Hotel Or Rafaa Al-Sahafa apartments are among the most luxurious Rafaa residences in Riyadh. They include apartments equipped with fine furniture, and the kitchens are complete with all the self-catering facilities that guests need.

The apartments provide many services for guests including luggage storage, grocery delivery, free parking, and a 24-hour reception service.

Rafa Apartments are 26.7 km from King Khalid Airport, 4.3 km from Al Nakheel Mall, and 6.9 km from Saqr Al Jazeera Aviation Museum.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Rafa Apartments were very well rated by the guests, and they liked the cleanliness of the apartments, and the availability of amenities.

While guests were unhappy that there were no nearby shopping areas.

Hotel reservation
Looking for privacy? You can choose Riyadh Reva Hotel, which provides special and distinctive hotel apartments.

Rafa Apartments – Al Nuzha

One of the best apartments in Rafa’a chain for hotel suites, Riyadh, which includes elegant rooms with luxurious furniture, and it has a kitchen and laundry facilities, and also has a shared lounge and garden among the guests.

Rafa’a Residences, which offer Rafaa apartments, offer free Wi-Fi for all apartments, daily cleaning services and room service available throughout the day.

The apartments are 29.2 km from King Khalid Airport, 4.9 km from Saqr Al Jazirah Aviation Museum, and 7 km from Marina Mall Riyadh.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments were rated very well by the guests, and the guests praised the cleanliness of the hotel, the good reception and the location.

While there were complaints about the non-isolated rooms, especially near the cafe.

Hotel reservation
Among the serviced apartments, Rifa'a Hotel Suites in Riyadh is the most suitable for all categories.

Rafa Apartments – Al Falah

Rafa’a Riyadh Apartments generally provide integrated self-catering facilities, and the same is true in Rafaa Al Falah Apartments, which include elegant furnishing rooms, an integrated kitchen, and laundry facilities.

One of Rafa’s residences, which provides a snack bar, with grocery delivery services and restaurants for rooms, also has a shared lounge for guests.

Rafa Apartments are 22.6 km from King Khalid Airport and 6 km from Granada Center Riyadh.

Summary of Ratings
Arab visitors

Rafa’a apartments received a good evaluation from the guests, and the staff were treated well, as was the cleanliness of the hotel and facilities.

For negative comments, most focus on the small size of the car park.

Hotel reservation
Rafaa Hotel Apartments Riyadh is a chain of upscale hotels and excellent services.

Rafa Apartments – Al Aqeeq

Rafaa Hotel or Rafaa Apartments – Al Aqeeq is one of the most luxurious accommodations in Riffa with excellent facilities for guests. Besides the integrated rooms in terms of kitchen and bathroom facilities, there is also a spacious terrace with great views of the city.

The apartments offer private non-smoking rooms, free guest parking and a 24-hour reception service.

Rafa Apartments are 26.6 km from King Khalid Airport, 2.1 km from Al Aqeeq Park and 5.9 km from Riyadh Park.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The apartments were rated well. The guests praised the quality of the hotel facilities, cleanliness, and free Wi-Fi.

Some guests complained about the lack of a breakfast buffet.

Hotel reservation
Rifa'a Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Riyadh.

What are the best hotels in the chain of Rafaa Riyadh Hotel?

It is considered a hotel Reefa – An Nuzhah One of the best hotels in the Riffa chain, based on reviews from Arab visitors, has received a rating of 8.3.

Which smooth chain Rafa hotel suites are suitable for families?

Prepare Reefa – An Nuzhah The best accommodation for families in the Rifa’a chain for hotel suites, Riyadh, which includes suitable family rooms, and a shared outdoor garden.

What are the cheapest hotels in Rafa’a Residence in Riyadh?

Hotel Reefa – An Nuzhah And Rafaa Hotel – Al Falah These are the most affordable hotels in the chain.

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