Taiba Suites See you from the best hotels in the city, close to the 5-star campus, as it features modern designs and comfortable décor. It also provides direct views of the Holy Mosque of the Prophet, giving psychological calm to visitors.
In our report, we will get acquainted with the most important details of the Taiba Hotel See you Medina, where we mention the most important reasons that made him the most prominent options when thinking about hotel reservations in Madinah, and we will start with you with the most important features.

The most important features offered by the good wings see you

Taiba Arak Hotel in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah has one of the most luxurious hotels in Madinah overlooking the Haram, a business center, a 24-hour front desk and gift shops.
All suites have air conditioning, modern TV, private bathroom with all amenities, kitchenware.
Besides a living and dining area, along with some of the suites directly overlooking the Noble Sanctuary.
The Taybah Arak Hotel in Madinah provides free parking, currency exchange and ATM service, and the staff is fluent in both Arabic and English.

Dining options

All suites at Taiba Suites Arak Hotel Madinah include kitchens.
It includes all the necessary appliances for preparing meals, as well as a tea and coffee maker.

Available rooms In good wings see you Medina Saudi Arabia

A 5 bedroom suite, maid’s room with views of the Prophet’s Mosque, can accommodate 10 people and 5 children.
3-bedroom suite for 6 and 3 children.
6-bedroom suite, maid’s room with views of the Prophet’s Mosque, seats 12 and 6 children.
Two bedroom suite for up to 4 people and 2 children.
One-bedroom suite for 4 and 2 children.
Two-bedroom suite with view of the Prophet’s Mosque, accommodating 4 people and 2 children.
A 4 bedroom suite with a view of the Prophet’s Mosque, seats 8 and 4 children.
4 bedroom suite for 8 and 4 children.
Two bedroom suite with maids room for up to 4 people and 2 children.
Junior suite for up to 2 people and 1 child.
Two-bedroom suite with maid’s room and view of the Prophet Mosque, accommodating 4 people and 2 children.
4-bedroom suite, maid’s room with views of the Prophet’s Mosque, seats 8 and 4 children.

Prices for the nice hotel see you medina

Prices for one night in Taiba Arak Madinah Suites for Standard Room range between 116 – 381 USD.
The prices for booking hotels in Medina near the Haram, as well as the Taiba Arak Hotel, may vary with the different seasons and the type of rooms.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Taiba Wings See you in Medina, got a good evaluation in:
Location, staff performance, amenities, facilities, and value for money.
While some visitors complained about the poor internet service and the lack of cleanliness of the carpets in the rooms.

Hotel reservation
Tiba see you hotel in Medina
Tiba see you hotel in Medina
Taiba see you Medina

Location Taiba see you Medina

The hotel is located in Madinah, near Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport, which is 18.4 km away.
The hotel is just 16 meters from the Prophet’s Mosque, and there are some recreational attractions near the hotel, the most important of which are the Beautiful Names of Allah Exhibition, 550 meters away, and the Uhud Garden Garden, 4.8 km away.

To see more information and price details for Taiba Suites See you and more about one of the most important options when considering city hotel reservations, you can visit his page on the website.

Hotel reservation

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