Luxury hotels in Egypt are spread in all Egyptian cities and governorates, and Hurghada hotels can be considered as one of the most distinguished hotels in Egypt, which includes the Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada as one of the best.

As this hotel is one of the distinguished 4-star hotels in Hurghada, offering luxurious accommodations and exceptional services, which rise to 5-star hotels.

In this report we will address the most important features of the hotel, in addition to many information, including: available rooms, prices and geographic location.

The most important features offered by the Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada

The Hawaiian Palm Resort Hurghada is one of the exceptional hotels on the beachfront promenade in Hurghada, which offers its various services through professional staff.

The hotel offers rooms with various views of the pool, garden and city. The rooms feature modern décor and are fully equipped.

What also distinguishes the hotel is its multiple facilities that offer 6 swimming pools, massage sessions, spa facilities, and a fitness center, in addition to beauty services.

It also offers various outdoor and sports activities including terraces, a private beach, water sports facilities, a children’s playground and many more.

Dining options At the Hawaii Palm Beach Hotel Hurghada

Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada offers an exceptional breakfast, according to visitor evaluation, and it has seven restaurants:

Heliodoro Restaurant for International Food, “Basilico” for italyn Food, “Manzoco for Asian Food,” Gamelia ”,“ Poseidon ”for Greek Food,“ Al Marsa ”for Seafood, and Burger Boulevard for American Meals.

The rooms available in the Hawaiian Palm Resort Hurghada

The distinctive rooms and suites provided by the Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada Hotel are:

Standard room, some for one and some for two

Swimup room for up to two people

Mega Family room, some for two and some for three

Hawaiian Palm Hotel Hurghada prices

Prices for one night in the Hawaii Palm Hotel, Hurghada Boardwalk for Standard Room ranges between 83 USD and 397 USD.

The prices of the Hawaiian Palm Hurghada hotel, the boardwalk may vary with the different seasons and types of rooms chosen.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The comments of the Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada Hotel were positive, and received an excellent rating by the visitors, with regard to all of the staff, facilities, amenities, and value for money.

Hotel reservation
Learn about Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada
 His distinctive and luxurious accommodations
Relax in the distinctive Hawaiian Palm Resort Hurghada beach
Hawaii Palm Beach Hotel Hurghada provides distinguished facilities, including seven restaurants that offer delicious international cuisine
Hawaii Palm Tourist Walk Hotel Hurghada offers many activities, including a modern gym

Hawaii Palm Hurghada walkway site

The distance between the Hawaii Palm Beach Hurghada and the Aquarium Aquarium in Hurghada is about 6.2 meters. It is 4.6 km from Hurghada International Airport.

To find out the offers available at the hotel and prices, you can visit the hotel page on the Bukking website.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near

Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hurghada Hotel, Steigenberger Al Dau Beach Hotel

What are the advantages that make Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada Hotel the best choice?

There are a number of advantages that the hotel offers, the most important of which are:
His luxurious accommodations have attractive views.
Multiple amenities include a fitness center, health care facilities, pools and various restaurants.
Artistic and sports activities and events that he organizes continuously.

How much does it cost to stay in Hawaii Palm Resort Hurghada For one night?

Prices for one night in Hawaii Palm Aqua Park Hurghada for a standard room range from $ 83 to $ 397. Prices vary according to season of the year and room type.

Do you Hawaii Palm Hurghada Hotel Walk Suitable for Arab families?

It is suitable for families because it provides rooms equipped with spacious spaces, in addition to family and entertainment services, including a children’s play area.

Are there good restaurants close by Hawaii Palm Hurghada Hotel The Walk ?

There are a variety of international restaurants near it, including C. El Sayed, Alfredo, White Elephant and many more.

What sightseeing activities near Hawaii Palm Beach Hurghada?

You can go to the Hurghada Aquarium, the New Marina, and the Steigenberger Al Dau Golf.

How far is the Hawaii Palm Hotel, Hurghada Tourist Walk, away from the tourist areas?

The distance between the hotel and Hurghada Aquarium is 6.2 meters, and Steigenberger Al Dau Golf is 3.3 km away.

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