Visiting Dubai, and staying in Dubai hotels with a private pool is undoubtedly the desire of many people, and this is what the Nikki Beach Hotel Dubai can provide for everyone who decides to stay in it, as it is one of the leading five-star Dubai hotels, in addition to being classified within the beautiful Dubai Jumeirah hotels .

This hotel is a Nikki Beach Resort in Dubai, which provides all the elements of comfort and recreation, along with many advantages and services that are granted specifically to the guests of this hotel, so this report is dedicated to review the advantages and disadvantages of Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Dubai.

Benefits of Nikki Beach Hotel Dubai

It is located in the Jumeirah area, next to the New Dubai Canal
Nikki Dubai This is one of the most important advantages of the hotel that have had a strong positive impact on visitors
the hotel.

The amazing diversity of Nikkei’s stay options
Beach in Dubai also left a distinctive feel to the hotel residents, and attracted many tourists
To stay there, it is very suitable for families, youth groups and businessmen alike
Either, as it includes rooms, suites and villas of different sizes and facilities to suit

You will find all accommodation units when you book Nikki Beach Dubai with a TV
Flat screen, iPod dock, coffee machine and kettle, while its private bathrooms are provided
With free toiletries.

We come to the facilities available at Nikki Beach Hotel Dubai and they are in shape
Next: outdoor pool, hotel private beach, indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness center
Physical and wellness center and spa for an additional fee.

Besides providing free internet connection and free parking
For cars, Nikki Hotel Dubai provides concierge services, luggage storage, and a desk
For sightseeing tours, family services including outdoor games for babies and babysitter

Disadvantages of Nikki Beach Hotel in Dubai

Nikki Beach Dubai price is one of the most complained about
The visitors where they found it are quite expensive, in addition to the food served in
The hotel which they considered not good, as well as insufficient variety in breakfast.

In the next place, some visitors who booked complained
Nikki Beach Dubai due to the lack of a children’s pool, the hotel not being suitable for conservative families,
And that the use of the jacuzzi and spa facilities for an additional fee.

Nikki Beach Dubai prices

The hotel prices range between 297 and 1343 USD, based on the average standard room rate and reservation time, if during the tourist season or at any other time of the year.

Hotel reservation
All units at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai offer great views
The rooms at Nikki Beach Hotel in Dubai are spacious.
Everyone who booked Nikki Beach Dubai will have a great dining experience
The Nikki Hotel Dubai is a Dubai hotel with a private pool.
All units in Nikki Beach Hotel Dubai are provided with a comfortable seating area.

Location of Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Dubai

For more information about Nikki Beach Dubai reservation, you can visit the hotel page on Booking.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near Nikki Beach Hotel in Dubai

Mercure Gold Hotel Dubai, Holiday Inn Dubai Jumeirah, Ramada Jumeirah Hotel Dubai, Capitol Hotel Dubai

What makes Nikki Beach Hotel Dubai the best choice?

The spacious spaces available in the hotel units, the helpful staff, and the high level of hygiene. These advantages are just a small fraction of many other benefits that the hotel enjoys

What are the disadvantages of the hotel that you should be aware of?

The lack of a children’s pool, the high prices of the hotel, are among the points most of the Arab visitors complained about.

Is there a pool at Nikki Hotel Dubai?

Yes, there is an indoor and outdoor pool, with a view and warm water, and a non-deep pool.

What are Nikki Beach Dubai’s prices for overnight stay?

The hotel prices vary according to the different seasons, starting from $ 281 outside the season and reaching $ 1477 during the tourist season, depending also on the type of room, its area and its equipment.

Is breakfast at the hotel included in the price of the stay?

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details.

Is breakfast good or bad when booking Nikki Beach Dubai?

Some visitors complained about the lack of variety of breakfast items.

Is the hotel suitable for Arab families?

It is suitable in terms of providing large areas, family rooms, various accommodation options, and family services, but some have described it as not suitable for conservative families in particular.

What is the best way to get to the Nikki Beach Hotel in Dubai from the airport quickly?

The fastest road is Sheikh Zayed Road, an estimated 19 minutes away by car.

What is the dining experience in the hotel?

The hotel has 4 restaurants whose dishes vary between international, Caribbean and à la carte.

Are there good restaurants near Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai?

There is Dors’ Free Style Grill Restaurant, and Purani Daily Dubai Indian Restaurant.

What tourist activities can be done near the hotel?

Residents of the hotel can shop at the Village Mall, visit the Dubai Maritime City, or stroll around the Dubai Zoo.

How far is the Nikki Beach Hotel Dubai from the tourist areas in Dubai?

It takes 34 minutes by car to Sheikh Zayed Road, to Dubai Marina 33 minutes by car, and to JBR Beach 18 minutes by car.

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