Palazzo Versace Dubai is one of the most luxurious and most popular five-star Dubai hotels and attracts the attention of Arab families, as it is among the group of the best tourist hotels in Dubai because of its elegant and stunning architectural style, wonderful sea views, a high level of services and family facilities, and a unique distinguished location .

Our report today examines the most important advantages and disadvantages obtained by Palazzo Versace Dubai, and the reasons that made him a legend among Dubai hotels ideal for family stays and new grooms.

Advantages of the Palazzo Versace Dubai

Distinguished Hotel
Dubai Varsaji front
The exterior exterior as a 16th-century italyn palace is furnished and furnished in unique elegant pieces
Polarized by the famous italyn fashion house Versace, in addition to the latest comfortable equipment
Luxurious, magnificent creek view and a series of picturesque lush gardens, and location
Close to the most famous and important tourist attractions in Dubai

Palazzo Versace Dubai also offers a range of leisure facilities ideal for families and grooms such as elegant pools, yoga and collar center, spa and beauty services, TV, outdoor playground, children’s playroom, children’s meals and babysitting, private beach, water sports and games, sports fields, evening parties Romentic and live shows.

The Hotel Versace Dubai also offers skiing, barbecue and sunbathing facilities, airport transfers, sightseeing tickets and exhibitions and organizing tours, a multilingual front desk that works all day, free internet and parking.

In addition to a unique dining experience through 8
Diverse restaurants with outdoor seating, a terrace facing the creek, and banquet halls.

The Palazzo Versace Dubai is located in a village
Heritage overlooking Al Jaddaf Waterfront, 9.3 km from the city center and the most important
Its sights, 5.3 km from Dubai International Airport.

Disadvantages of the hotel Versailles Dubai

Some guests of the Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai have complained about the price hikes exaggerated by comparison
With service and room areas, hotel exits and exits need to be adjusted.

Prices for Palazzo Versace in Dubai

Rooms and suites at Palazzo Versace Dubai are between 254 – 630 USD per night
One for two people, and it varies according to the season, type and size of the unit, reservation policies
And tax fees.

Hotel reservation
Palazzo Versace Dubai is one of the five-star hotels in Dubai that we recommend for families to provide spacious rooms
The Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai offers scenic views and comfortable accommodation in Dubai
The Palazzo Versace Dubai offers fine restaurants
The lobby at Palazzo Versace Dubai is characterized by its contemporary design

Location Versace Hotel in Dubai on the map

To view more information and the latest prices offered by the Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai, you can visit the hotel page on the Bukking website by clicking Read more below:

Hotel reservation

Hotels near Palazzo Versace Dubai

Premier Inn Al Jaddaf, Hilton Garden Inn Al Jaddaf

What makes the Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel the best choice?

A luxurious and distinctive façade and interiors, a wonderful view of the creek and gardens, a city center, its attractions and the airport, a sophisticated level of services, facilities and forms of entertainment.

What are the downsides of the Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai that you should be aware of?

Overpriced prices, small unit areas compared to the price, the level of services is good but it does not rise to the overpriced residence price.

Is there a swimming pool in the hotel versagi Dubai?

Yes, there is a family outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees and flowering trees and inlaid with mosaic tiles inlaid with courtyard and sunbathing facilities.

How much does it cost to stay in Palazzo Versace for one night?

The cost of accommodation in standard Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai units ranges from $ 259 – $ 2178 per night for two people, and varies with the season, capacity, type of unit and other factors.

Is breakfast at Palazzo Versace included in the rate of stay?

The matter differs from one unit to another inside the Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai, according to the policy of reserving each unit, which must be examined carefully before completing the reservation process.

Is breakfast good or bad at Palazzo Versace Dubai?

Versailles Hotel Dubai restaurants offer great and varied food items, with sessions and direct sea views.

Is Hotel Versace in Dubai suitable for Arab families?

Yes, the hotel includes spacious family units with facilities such as beach, swimming pools, water sports, spa and fitness hall, sports fields, and children’s entertainment.

What is the best way to get to the Dubai Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf from the airport quickly?

You can reach quickly and easily from the Hotel Versace Dubai to Dubai International Airport in 8 to 11 minutes by car, or within 38 minutes by the red or green metro from Al Jaddaf Station.

What is the dining experience at the Hotel Versagi Dubai?

The dining experience at the Palazzo Versace Dubai is wonderful and unique through 8 different restaurants for local, regional and international cuisine, with outdoor sessions and direct views of Al Jaddaf Corniche.

Are there good restaurants close to Palazzo Versace Dubai?

Yes, Versailles Hotel in Dubai is surrounded by a group of fine international restaurants such as Vanitas Restaurant, Catamaran Floating Restaurant, and many others.

What tourist activities can be done near the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai?

During your stay at the Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel, you can relax, lie on the creek and its waterfront, and enjoy the entertaining activities of adults and children, visit the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, visit the Dubai Mall, Al Ghurair Mall, City Center Deira, where shopping and wonderful family entertainment, visit the picturesque Jumeirah beaches Which provides dozens of entertaining beach and water sports for family members.

How far is the Hotel Versagi Dubai from the tourist areas in Dubai?

The Versace Hotel Al Jaddaf Dubai is 9.3 km from the city center, 6.5 km from Bur Dubai, 8.8 km from the Deira neighborhood, and 14.2 km from the Jumeirah neighborhood.

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