The experience of Elaf Al Madina Hotel helped in the management and international standards for services and hotel facilities, in addition to its unparalleled knowledge of market conditions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, by obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, which led to the top ranking of all Saudi hotels in general, and made it among the hotels Al-Madinah Al-Munawara in particular, as it provides high-quality hotel services, with all amenities that meet the requirements of all travelers, families, businessmen, and tourists.

Elaf Madinah chain hotel Medina

Tourism in Medina and its distinctive hotels highlight its importance among the religious and recreational cities of Saudi Arabia. The Elaf chain stands at the forefront thanks to its services, facilities and accommodation spaces provided to individuals and groups. Below are some details of the hotel branches that are hosted by Thebes, the first of the Islamic capitals.

Elaf Taiba Hotel

It is considered one of the best branches of the chain adjacent to the Prophet’s Mosque and provides several spaces for residence, with the services needed for travelers.

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The hotel is 19 km from the airport
Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International, 850 km from the Noble Qur’an Exhibition, and 1.2 km from the Sanctuary.

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Summary of reviews of Arab visitors

As one of the prominent branches of the Elaf Madinah chain of hotel, the hotel has achieved good reviews thanks to its strategic location, the level of general hygiene, staff cooperation, and the convenience of accommodation.

The guests pointed out some of the negatives, the most prominent of which are the overstatement of the prices of accommodation and food, the lack of adequate parking, and the lack of elevators.

Hotel reservation
Elaf Madinah hotels with bars close to the Haram

Elaf Al Majeedi Hotel, Medina

Elaf Al Majeedi provides all the necessary services and facilities that come with a variety of spaces for a comfortable stay, and it is among the branches of the chain that are preferred by many visitors.

The hotel is 18.5 km from Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport, 400 meters from the Shed Beni Saida, and 800 meters from Al-Andalus Mall.

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Summary of reviews of Arab visitors

The hotel received great reviews in all respects, especially its location near the campus and services, staff cooperation, hygiene, and services it provides.

The main downsides of the place, elevator congestion, some delay in the process of logging in, and the lack of free parking.

Hotel reservation
Elaf Madinah offers various accommodation spaces

Elaf Mashal Al Salam Hotel

This branch includes accommodation spaces suitable for individuals and groups, which have been provided with all the requirements, in addition to a number of important facilities, which include a 24-hour front desk, and facilities for people of determination.

Hotel services include free Wi-Fi, public parking
For additional fees with rental service, concierge services, and airport shuttle service.

The hotel is 19.7 km from Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport, 800 m from Al Hijaz Railway Museum, and 950 m from the central market for dates.

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Summary of reviews of Arab visitors

The hotel reviews were satisfactory with regard to the quietness of the location, the level of hygiene, the staff’s cooperation, and the comfort of the stay.

Although it is one of the important chain branches of the Elaf Madinah Hotel, the guests are unanimous about the drawbacks of the lack of free and sufficient parking, and the weakness of free Wi-Fi.

Hotel reservation
Elaf Hotel features spacious accommodations with comprehensive facilities and services

Elaf Mashal Al-Madinah Hotel

Enjoying a location close to the Prophet’s Mosque, Elaf Madinah Hotel, Al Salam Street offers varied accommodation spaces at competitive prices.

The hotel is 19.7 km from Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport, 750 m from Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, and 1.5 km from Al-Rawasi Mall.

Summary of reviews of Arab visitors

The hotel received good reviews for its location close to the campus, level of hygiene, professional staff, and value for money.

Most visitors had some reservations about narrow rooms and insufficient parking spaces.

Hotel reservation
All branches of the Elaf Madinah chain of Madinah are among the best budget friendly hotels in Saudi Arabia

What are the best hotels in the Elaf Madinah chain?

The Elaf Al Majeedi Madinah Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in the Elaf Al Madinah Hotel Chain based on the wonderful Arab visitors reviews of the hotel.

Which Elaf Madinah chain hotels are suitable for families?

Elaf Taiba Hotel and Elaf Al Majeedi Hotel Madinah are suitable for families, as they provide spacious accommodations.

What are the cheapest hotels in Elaf chain?

Elaf Taiba Hotel and Elaf Al Majeedi Hotel, Madinah Al Munawwarah, are characterized by economical prices compared to other chain hotels.

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