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Is one of the countries located in the southeast of the continent of Asia, which is an archipelago of several large islands consisting of three federal territories, and is divided administratively into 13 states, the area of ​​Malaysia is 329,845 km2.
The political and economic capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, while Putrajaya is the headquarters of the Federal Government. Malaysia has a population of about 30 million people, according to the 2014 census.
This big country is divided into two main parts, the first is the Malaysian peninsula and the second is Malaysian Borneo, and this section is also known as East Malaysia. As for the climate of Malaysia, it is a tropical climate, and the system of government in this country is an electoral federal constitutional monarchy, independent from Britain in 1957 AD. .

Langkawi Island

It is an island belonging to the Federal State of Malaysia and this island has various names, including Legends Island, Dream Island, and it is one of the islands located in the northwest of Malaysia, which is off the Thai lands, and the capital of this island is the city of Kuah.
This island is distinguished by its unnatural calmness, as it has become a global destination for travelers and tourists looking for rest and a quiet place to relax and calm the mind and remove the worries of life for oneself. It combines wide green forests and high mountains followed by beautiful beaches slopes, so the vacationer on this island can take cruises through this trip through many of the mangrove forests located on the coast of the ocean.
It also has agricultural countryside lands that give the land an economic and aesthetic character, which has made many investors, whether they are from outside Malaysia or inside Malaysia, build many hotels and rural hotel houses to bring tourists to them, especially for grooms who intend to spend their honeymoon in calm and tranquility. The island is distinguished by its location, where it is extremely important in many tourist programs, through adventure and thrill, and in filming many TV programs and movies.

Myths and legends are the main and important part of the legacy of this archipelago, which consists of 99 islands. Many of the legends of these islands talk about tales woven by people in the past, which made them arouse the attention of everyone who came to these islands, including the island of Langkawi. There is the most famous cable car in Malaysia that is intended for tourists to travel between the tourist sites on that island.

The most famous tourist sites

There are many tourist places on the island and the most important of them are:

  • Dattern Lang Square (Eagle Monument): It is a large yard with a statue of an eagle fowl about to fly, and the height of this statue is 12 meters.
  • Crocodile garden: This famous park is located 35 km from the city of Kuah on the beaches of Datai Bay on the island.
  • Mangrove Forests: It is what resulted from the picturesque nature of this island, where a visitor can wander in these forests by boat, which gives beauty to that cruise, and what gives rise to emotions on that trip is the presence of caves of a mountainous nature called the caves that circled around these caves many legends .
  • Maqsuri shrine: It is a shrine located between the rice fields and tales and legends revolved around it.

There are many tourist sites on this island such as the air bridge, the underwater world, the pregnant Virgin Island, the seven wells, Legenda Park, and other sites and monuments that are intended for everyone who visited this island.

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