Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya

المسافرون العرب

The Marmara Hotel Antalya is one of the best historical historical five-star hotels in Antalya.
The hotel boasts a great location on the top of the Valles hills, overlooking the Mediterranean coast. It also has a private beach on the turquoise coast. In addition, the design of the hotel is an impressive architectural and artistic masterpiece. The hotel has a circular building that wraps itself 360 degrees throughout the day.

Advantages of the Marmara Hotel Antalya

The hotel has a number of spacious rooms of various sizes, which are characterized by pastel colors and offer wonderful views of the sea and mountains.
For outdoor activities, the hotel offers a private beach, sun terrace, garden and barbecue facilities.
As for the pools, the hotel owns a variety of pools such as a children’s pool, an outdoor pool, a pool with a view.
It also provides health care facilities, the most important being a spa and wellness center, a fitness center, as well as fun leisure activities such as aerobics, diving and table tennis.
The Marmara Hotel Antalya also provides tickets for sightseeing or shows, and the staff are fluent in both Turkish and English.

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Dining options

The hotel has a Turkish restaurant that offers a menu of a group of delicious local Turkish cuisine, as well as various international dishes that cater to all tastes.
The hotel also offers a bar serving Turkish snacks and pastries, as well as various cold and hot drinks, and the bar features charming views of the garden terrace.

Available rooms

The Marmara Hotel Antalya provides seven different types of rooms that cater to all needs, such as:
Double or Twin Room with City View Room area is 42 square meters, it contains 1 large double bed or 2 single beds, and can accommodate 2 persons and 1 child.
Triple room with city view, the room area is 42 square meters containing 3 single beds, or 1 single bed and 1 large double bed, can accommodate three persons with a child.
Family room, the room size is 77 square meters, it contains 2 single beds, 1 double bed and 2 sofa beds, seats up to eight people.
Deluxe Triple Room in the rotating building, the area of ​​the room is 36 square meters, it contains 1 large double bed and 1 sofa bed, accommodates three persons.

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The prices of the Marmara Hotel Antalya

Prices for one night in Marmara Hotel Antalya range from $ 242 for a double or twin room overlooking the city to $ 402 for a family room.
You can get low rates during off-season periods.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Marmara Hotel Antalya has won the admiration of most of its visitors and has been rated very well in terms of comfort, staff, value for money, breakfast and location.
Some visitors have complained of a lack of interest in periodic cleaning.
Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya - Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya
Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya - Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya

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1581351992 830 Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya - Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya

The Marmara Hotel Antalya website

The hotel is located in the Antalya province, which is replete with the fingerprints of ancient civilizations and picturesque nature, along with a privileged location on the Mediterranean coast.
The Marmara Antalya Hotel is 13.1 km from Antalya Airport.
The hotel is surrounded by many shopping centers such as Shi Mall which is only 1 km from the hotel.
Another important landmark near the hotel is the Hardian Gate and Broken Minaret, and is 5.1 miles.

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To find out more details about the hotel, you can visit the hotel page on the Bukking website.
Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya - Report on the Marmara Hotel Antalya

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