Report on the Millennium Hotel Makkah

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The Millennium Makkah Hotel is one of the best 5-star hotels in Mecca, thanks to its prime location near the Great Mosque of Mecca.

In addition to providing the highest levels of privacy and comfort to its visitors as well as the best facilities and services that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for guests.

Throughout this report, we present to you the best features and prices offered by M Millennium Hotel Makkah, one of the most important hotels in Al-Shawqiyah neighborhood, Makkah

This is based on reviews from visitors who have previously experienced residence.

Its most important features M Millennium Makkah Hotel

Umm Makkah by Millennium Hotel, one of the most popular Mesfalah hotels, Ibrahim Al Khalil Street, offers unique accommodation in air-conditioned rooms with a wonderful view of the city.

It offers non-smoking rooms, family rooms with room service, including daily cleaning, ironing and dry cleaning.

For business facilities, a business center is available with fax and photocopying documents, meeting rooms and banquets.

In addition to a secure car park at an additional cost, this is in addition to the currency exchange service, free internet access throughout the Makkah Millennium Hotel

Dining options

M Millennium Hotel Makkah offers three restaurants that serve different types of international cuisine and serve dishes as an open buffet and an à la carte menu.

Available rooms At M Millennium Makkah Hotel

Standard twin room for up to 2 adults.

Standard King room can accommodate 2 adults.

Standard Twin Room with Sofa for 3 Adults.

Executive suite for up to 2 adults.

Standard Triple Room 24 sq.m capacity for 3 adults.

King Suite can accommodate 2 adults.

Prices M Millennium Makkah Hotel

Prices for Millennium Hotel Makkah Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street for one night in a standard room range from $ 32 to $ 148.

These prices vary according to the season and the type of rooms.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Arab visitors liked the Millennium Hotel Makkah and was rated very well as one of the best hotels in the Millennium Makkah Hotel chain.

This is in both cleanliness of the place, value for money, comfort, staff and facilities.

Report on the Millennium Hotel Makkah - Report on the Millennium Hotel Makkah
Report on the Millennium Hotel Makkah - Report on the Millennium Hotel Makkah
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Umm Millennium Makkah Hotel website

Millennium Makkah Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street is 31.1 km from Makkah Airport, and Abraj Al-Bait Mall is 3.1 km, which equates to 11 minutes by car.

It is one of the distinguished hotels in Ibrahim Al Khalil Street.

The question comes, Umm Millennium Hotel, Mecca, how far is it from the Haram? M Makkah Millennium Hotel is 4 miles from Haram Al Sharif, Zamzam Will is 4.2 km away.

You can find more information about the hotel, the best hotel price offers in the offered Mecca and the possibility of reservation, on the hotel page on the Bukking website.

Report on the Millennium Hotel Makkah - Report on the Millennium Hotel Makkah

Hotels near M Hotel Makkah by Millennium:

Le Meridien Towers Hotel Makkah, Lamar Ajyad Makkah Hotel

What are the features that make the Millennium Hotel Makkah the best choice?

Good location near the Sacred Mosque, 3 dining options, good services, and budget prices.

What are the drawbacks of the Millennium Hotel Makkah that you should be aware of?

Among the negatives that Arab guests mentioned in their hotel reviews: the lack of professionalism of some hotel employees, the lack of some facilities and the delay in responding to some services.

Is there a pool in the Umm Millennium Makkah?

There is no swimming pool in Umm Makkah by Millennium Hotel

How much does it cost to stay at Millennium Makkah Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street for one night?

The cost of staying in the M Hotel Makkah from Millennium is between $ 38 and $ 60 for the standard room, depending on the period of the year.

Is breakfast at Makkah Millennium Hotel included in the price of stay?

Breakfast is not included in most hotel reservations, and hotel breakfast rates start at $ 9.

Is breakfast good or bad at the Millennium Hotel Makkah?

Most of the Arab guests praised the breakfast offered by the Umm Millennium Hotel Makkah, while some commented on the high prices of breakfast at the hotel.

Is Umm Makkah Hotel by Millennium suitable for Arab families?

The hotel is suitable for small families only, as it provides family rooms with 3 beds.

What is the best way to get to the Makkah Millennium Hotel website quickly?

From the airport, you can reach the hotel in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes via Route 15 and Huda Al Sham Road.

What is the dining experience at M Hotel Makkah by Millennium?

Umm Makkah Millennium Hotel features 3 dining options, serving international and oriental dishes, as an open buffet and an à la carte menu.

Are there good restaurants close to the Makkah Millennium Hotel?

The hotel is close to several good restaurants, including Burger House, Prostate, National Cafeteria, and Al-Taqwa Restaurant.

What tourist activities can be done near the Millennium Hotel Makkah?

Close to the Umm Millennium Makkah Hotel, there are a number of attractions, the most important of which are: Abraj Al-Bait Mall, Zamzam Well, Souk Al-Hijaz and Jabal Thawr Mountain.

How far is Umm Makkah Hotel located in the Millennium area of ​​Mecca? Umm Millennium Makkah Hotel, how far is it from the Haram?

The hotel is 13 minutes away from the Haram by car from the Haram, while Abraj Al-Bait Mall is 14 minutes away by car, and 20 minutes away from the Zamzam Well.

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