Riyadh is considered one of the best cities for tourism in Saudi Arabia, as this city is distinguished by a moderate climate due to the large number of fresh valleys in it.

It also contains many tourist attractions that attract visitors from all parts of the country, whether Arabs or foreigners.

Among the most important tourist attractions in Riyadh are historical palaces, towers and archeological sites.

Riyadh is not only a tourist city, it is considered a city
First-class business, with global corporate headquarters as well as restaurant chains
Famous cafes and shopping malls.

Chain Hotel Nilufer Riyadh

One of the most important steps in planning a trip, whether it is a tourist or business trip, choosing the place of residence is at the top of the travelers ’list of interests and their choices depend on the location and the cost

Therefore, if you are looking for a luxury hotel that provides all services and facilities and is located in a central area in the heart of Riyadh, and its prices are considered economical compared to other Riyadh hotels, we recommend you to read this article.

Nilufer Hotel Cordoba Riyadh

The Nilufer Hotel Cordoba is the first branch of the Nilufer Hotel chain and it is one of the best luxury hotels in Riyadh, as the hotel is located among the sights and shopping centers.

Nilufer Hotel Suites Riyadh provides a group of hotel suites from the best hotel suites Riyadh along with rooms with distinctive views and modern furniture.

The hotel has a gym and indoor and outdoor pools.

King Khalid International Airport is 22.5 km away from the hotel, while Saqr Al Jazeera Aviation Museum is 12 km away.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Nilufer Hotel in Riyadh received great reviews for both cleanliness and comfort, facilities, strategic location as well as value for money.

Hotel reservation
Learn about the branches and location of the Nilufer Al Rawda Hotel Riyadh

Nilufer Al Rawda Hotel Riyadh

The second branch of the Nilufer chain, Riyadh is the Nilufer Hotel, which offers a range of upscale hotel apartments.

It is the preferred type for visitors in terms of privacy and a wide area suitable for the group and families.

Therefore, you find that Nilufer Apartments Riyadh is ranked as one of the best hotel apartments in Riyadh.

The hotel is 30.6 km from King Khalid International Airport, while Al Nakheel Mall is 9.3 km from the hotel.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel impressed the visitors and gave it very good positive reviews regarding:

Value for money, comfort, cleanliness, and price level.

Hotel reservation
    If you are looking for one of the Nilufer Riyadh branches, we recommend reading this article for the Nilufer Hotel Riyadh

What is better Branches of the Nilufer Hotel chain Riyadh ?

The Nilufer Hotel Cordoba Riyadh is one of the best hotels in the chain based on reviews from Arab visitors.

Which Branches of Nilufer chain for hotel suites Riyadh Suitable for families?

Nilufer Hotel Suites Riyadh The Cordoba branch is suitable for families, as it provides several-bedroom hotel suites and can accommodate more people.

What are the cheapest hotels in a chain? Nilufer Riyadh ?

Nilufer Al Rawda Hotel, is characterized by economical prices compared to other series apartments.

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