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Report on the Oberoi Madinah

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The Oberoi Madinah is one of the best five-star hotels in Madinah, located in the heart of Medina, because of its excellent facilities and services that made it a destination for many visitors to the Holy Land.

If you want a luxurious stay in the city, then you should put the Oberoi Hotel on the list of options because it is one of the best hotels in the city near the campus

In the following report, you will learn about the most important features and details of the Aubrey Hotel Madinah, accompanied by the opinions of Arab visitors.

The most important advantages offered by the Medina Oberoi Hotel

This hotel combines luxurious and comfortable accommodation with a convenient location for visitors to the city of Medina, where the city Oberoi is located in the heart of the city and is the closest hotel to the Prophet’s Mosque

The Medina Oberoi Hotel features a warm lighting and decoration, as well as many accommodation options, including rooms, family suites and grooms.

We recommend that you book the Oberoi Madinah Hotel as it contains all the leisure and relaxation facilities that guests require such as fitness centers, saunas and a spa and wellness center.

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In addition to ticketing services, airport transfers, and breakfast service in the rooms.

Dining options at the Oberoi Madinah

The Oberoi Hotel Madinah includes two restaurants that provide à la carte food, the first is the Andalusian restaurant for Indian food, and the second is the Kyoto restaurant for Japanese food.

Special diet menus are available, and continental breakfast is available.

Types of rooms available in the Medina Oberoi Hotel

There are a variety of hotel accommodation options, among which are:

Double room overlooking the city.

Triple room with city view.

Quadruple room with city view.

Executive suite with city view.

Royal Suite with Haram view.

Single room with city view.

Studio overlooking the city.

City Oberoi hotel rates for one night

The prices for a Oberoi Madinah hotel reservation range from $ 400 to $ 587 per room per night, and prices vary with the season and season.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Oberoi Madinah received excellent reviews on location, comfort, hygiene, staff, facilities and breakfast.

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And visitors considered it one of the best hotels in Medina overlooking the Haram

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Location The Oberoi Madinah

Aubrey Madinah Al Munawwarah Hotel is located in the central area, and the hotel is 10 minutes by car from the Noble Sanctuary.

While it is 7 minutes from Mazaya Mall, 12 minutes from Al-Noor Mall, and 10 minutes from Jabal Uhud Park.

You can find out more information about the Oberoi Madinah, and more about rates and reservations. Please continue reading in Bukking.

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Hotels near The City Oberoi

Golden Tulip Golden Hotel Madinah, Dar Al Taqwa Hotel

What are the features of Madinah Oberoi Hotel that make it the best choice?

Varied accommodation units, hotel cleanliness and luxury, proximity to the sanctuary, view of the sanctuary, distinct facilities and services, location in the heart of Medina.

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What are the drawbacks of the Oberoi Medina that you should be aware of?

There are no negative points that all hotel guests agree on.

Is there a pool in the city hotel Oberoi?

There is no swimming pool in the hotel.

How much does it cost to stay at the Oberoi Madinah for one night?

The average price for a standard room in the Aubrey Madina Hotel ranges between $ 400 and $ 1,000 and varies according to room type and tourist season.

Is breakfast included in the Oberoi Madinah Hotel reservation?

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details.

Is breakfast good or bad at the Oberoi Madinah?

Most Arab guests praise the hotel’s breakfast.

Is the Oberoi Madinah suitable for Arab families?

The hotel is suitable for Gulf and Arab families as it provides family rooms and suites – connecting rooms.

What is the dining experience at Madinah Oberoi Hotel Madinah?

The Oberoi Madinah features a restaurant that serves Indian and a second Japanese cuisine. You will also find a daily continental breakfast buffet.

What is the best way to get to the Aubrey Hotel from the airport quickly?

The hotel provides an airport shuttle, and the hotel can be easily reached from the airport and back in 26 minutes via the King Abdulaziz and King Salman Highway.

Are there good restaurants near the Medina Oberoi?

The hotel is close to several restaurants with good reviews from Arab visitors, including Koys and Grapari Madinah.

What activities can you do in the Oberoi Madina?

In the vicinity of the hotel there are many attractions including the Prophet’s Mosque, Mazaya Mall, Madina Mall, Al Noor Mall and Jabal Uhud Park.

Also, Aubrey Hotel is away from the tourist areas in Medina?

The hotel is 10 minutes by car from the Noble Sanctuary, while 7 minutes are 12 minutes from Mazaya Mall, 11 minutes from Al Noor Mall, and 10 minutes from Jabal Uhud Park.

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