Egypt’s hotels lead the way in providing the most luxurious accommodations and the best hotel services, and perhaps Hurghada hotels are at the forefront of the list, which includes Panorama Hotel Bungalow El Gouna as one of the best.

In this article, we will look at the most important features of this distinctive hotel, as well as a host of other information such as average prices, available room and geographical location.

The most important features offered by Panorama Bungalows El Gouna

The Panorama Bungalows is a distinctive 4-star hotel in Hurghada, as it is an ideal haven for couples, travelers interested in water sports and relaxing on the beach.

The rooms and suites of the hotel are characterized by providing all amenities of air conditioning, a minibar, and a TV. Some of them feature sea or garden views, while others offer a view of the lagoon.

One of the most important features of the hotel is its multiple facilities, which provides 5 swimming pools, in addition to health care facilities such as massages, sauna, spa and Jacuzzi.

The hotel also provides distinguished family services, including an indoor children’s play area, in addition to sports activities, evening entertainment and music shows.

Dining options At Hotel Panorama Bungalows El Gouna

There are three distinct restaurants and a café available at Panorama El Gouna:

La Palma restaurant for breakfast

Lagoon restaurant for dinner

Olive Restaurant for African and American cuisine

Garden Cafe

Available rooms

The rooms and suites provided by Panorama Bungalows Hotel El Gouna Hurghada vary.

Standard double room

Standard Triple Room

Bungalow (2 adults)

Bungalow (3 adults)

Standard single room

Bungalow with garden view

Royal Suite Bungalows

Deluxe Quadruple Room

Family suite

Panorama Bungalows Resort El Gouna

The prices for the Panorama Bungalows El Gouna Hotel per night for a standard room range between 69 USD and 172 USD.

Hotel rates may vary with different seasons and room types selected.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Panorama Bungalows El Gouna received a good rating from visitors at both the site and the staff, but he did not get enough reviews overall to classify him well.

Hotel reservation
Learn about the unique accommodations in Panorama Bungalows El Gouna
Panorama Bungalows El Gouna Hurghada offers multiple rooms and suites with distinctive views
Panorama El Gouna Hotel provides luxurious and elegant facilities with exceptional designs
Panorama Bungalows Resort El Gouna offers a number of restaurants that offer delicious cuisine

The location of the Panorama Bungalows El Gouna

The distance between Panorama Bungalows Resort El Gouna and Hurghada International Airport is approximately 40 km.

To find out about the offers available at the hotel and the prices, you can visit the hotel page on the website.

Hotel reservation

Hotels near

El Omda Circle, El Gouna, Movenpick Hotel El Gouna

What are the advantages that make Panorama Hotel Bungalows El Gouna the best choice?

There are a number of advantages that the hotel offers, among which are the most important:
His luxurious accommodations are bright rooms and suites, then fully equipped
The various facilities include swimming pools and health care centers, in addition to family and entertainment services.
Leisure activities, sporting events and distinctive musical performances.

How much does it cost to stay in Panorama Hotel El Gouna Hurghada For one night?

Hotel rates per night for a standard room range from $ 69 to $ 172. Prices vary according to season of the year and room type.

Do you Panorama Bungalows Resort El Gouna Suitable for Arab families?

Ideal for families, it offers fully equipped rooms and suites, as well as various services and activities suitable for families.

Is breakfast good or bad at Bungalows Resort El Gouna?

Most of the Arab guests praised Bungalows Resort’s breakfast in terms of the quality and variety of dishes.

Are there good restaurants close by Panorama Hotel Bungalows El Gouna?

There are a number of restaurants near it for various international food, including Pasta I Pasta, Zea Amelia Italian and many more.

What is the dining experience at Holiday Inn Hotel?

At Panorama El Gouna Hotel, there are three distinct restaurants that offer a variety of items in the form of an open buffet or à la carte menu, in addition to a café serving various drinks and snacks.

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